youtube review

  1. shaggy99

    Is youtube really using humans to review channels for monetization?

    I had some channels that I'm trying to monetize for some months, and I made a lot of changes like deleting videos, changing titles, thumbnails or descriptions. I even started doing my own voice over, but every time my channels were receiving rejection response it took them 7 days to review my...
  2. S

    Youtube Monetization Review

    I would like to know your experiences about how long it has taken YouTube to analyze the channel for monetization recently. I have a Tutorials channel where I appear and show the computer screen, all videos 100% made by me (no copyright content) but I have already applied for monetization 40...
  3. northjane

    Will YouTube catch that I bought views later on?

    Bought small amounts of views and likes at a time to just boost my video for a bit. I’m talking 500 - 1000 views. Never more. And I’d buy likes just to make it even, but I’d do increments of 5-20 likes each time so it’s not suspicious. Recently, a few of my videos blew up and I’m getting lots...
  4. GiovyChannel

    anyone be accepted a channel with a network or adsense with the new 10k views requirements?

    hi guys, i know now youtube it's more stricts, i have one channe with soccer related videos but don't accept my channel, anyone guys with reupload method or with your original content did you have a channel be accepted in a network or adsense with the new requirements of 10k views and the review...