youtube money videos

  1. blackma

    I want to monetise a video game walkthrough channel, any ideas?

    Hi there, I have a video game channel which gives walkthroughs of different N64 games. I a not sure how to monetise this. I have tried adsense but doesn't make me nearly enough money... 0.1% CTR :( Does anybody have any ideas by which I could monetise this? blackma :)
  2. M

    How My Cat Made Me $300 On Youtube

    Well my cat loves to talk and meow alot. So I figured I would film her and upload a stupid video to youtube. I did this last week. I got 5000 views in like 40 minutes. So I said WTF and found a pet niche for cats and put my affiliate link in the description. So far I made $300 from that stupid...
  3. dombryan973

    Youtube Annotations

    I found a youtube video where a guy was able to put hes website link in the Annotations!!Now as far as i know youtube will only let you add links to other youtube videos.Idk how he did it.Imagine if we where able to do this, our conversions will be so much higher.Does anybody know how to do...
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