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  1. Lucas04

    I need help getting started on YouTube + CPA. What kinds of videos and hash tags should I post?

    I've been working in cpa networks for the past 1.5 years, and it's changed my life. I constantly look for new strategies to try and use for financial gain. I always aim for 4-5 passive income streams, hence I believe YouTube to be the best. I need your assistance, so please share your...
  2. E

    Any Youtubers or any1 actually making money (any amount) from purely Youtube monetization program (no upsell/affiliate/CPA etc)

    Anyone care to share some stats? Like your, 1. Number of subs 2. Total number of videos 3. Total number of views 4. Age of channel 5. Earnings per month (average) I think this will help many newbies like myself to know what to expect and work towards.
  3. Aychaq

    Altering the content of an already existing YouTube video

    Hello guys I have a question related to YouTube copyright system Is it possible to avoid YouTube Strick by changing the pitch of voice of a speaker and adding background effects while the content of the speaker (just the voice with an image) already existe in another YouTube channel?
  4. natourious

    Youtube 1k subs agony

    Yo people how is it going. without taking too long. is it possible to get 1k subs without paying and less than 3 months for a food compilation channel?
  5. F

    Pls help, first yt video taken down within an hour

    :(:(. . so I had this plan in my head that involves uploading adult videos on YouTube , I did a little search in YouTube and I saw some other adult content on it with thousands of views, didnt think it would be problem, so I uploaded mine; which in my opinion is a pretty descent video, I mean...