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  1. Huziplex


    Hello I need youtube views (FROM SINGAPORE ONLY) if you can provide please contact its a long term work
  2. smmamz

    SMMAMZ.COM - SMM PANEL ✅ HQ and Stable Services ✅ 24/7 Support ➡️ Instagram, Youtube, Tiktok, Twitter, FB ⬅️ Hello BHW Community! We have been providing services in the SMM industry for a long time. We joined BHW to see you among us. We will be happy to see you with us. Don't miss our limited offer: We will add $1 test balance to all new members. (Each member can only use it once)...
  3. Cheapsmmseller

    ▶️✅| High Quality ★ Low Prices INSTAGRAM - YOUTUBE and Other SMM Services, Prices Starts From 0.001

    Our Service Price starts from $0.001 We Offer Youtube Views✅ ▶️Youtube Subscribers♻️ Real Organic Instagram Followers⚡ ⭐Non Drop Bot Instagram Followers ▶️High Quality Instagram Custom Comments✅✅✅...
  4. M

    Best SMM For YouTube Likes & Views that deliver SUPER FAST at good prices?

    Hi All, I have been using a SMM for the last year (, however I have noticed the service has gotten far slow in delivering and some orders not even starting with tickets open... But never mind about that... I have am looking for a great SMM that can give me YT Likes and Views...
  5. Zselter07

    Did anyone succeed with youtube paid views?

    Hey, I've been thinking of buying some views or getting a YouTube ranking service from here, but I feel like YouTube can easily detect this. I personally didn't hear about anyone who succeeded with this strategy. Is there anyone who can share his story with paid YouTube views and likes that...
  6. Mcshizzle1016

    Looking for YouTube comment upvotes

    Hi all, I'm looking for a freelancer that can drop 50-100 likes on a designated comment. Will need this service multiple times a week. My previous freelancer is no longer contactable, so I'm looking to build another working relationship for this service in mind. Please let me know of your...
  7. unit999

    Youtube Likes SMM Panel Drop Down Issue

    hi my all members sorry for my bad english this is not my main language sorry for it share about my experience in last 2 month for testing Youtube Videos Likes Drop Down every panel so this effect my videos ranking so the after the hard search find a member who can provide my YT likes which...
  8. T

    Youtube: What's the best social panel or Video exchange site for getting views, comments, and likes

    Hey Guys, What is the best social panel and/or video exchange site for getting views, comments, and likes to your YouTube videos?
  9. S

    Need youtube views. Which will be real. I will buy it. please contacact

    Need youtube views. Which will be real. I will buy. I will buy 1k views for $1. Views will be real and all engagement.
  10. Mcshizzle1016

    [HELP] My comments no longer reach the "Top Comments" section

    Hey all, One way we advertise our YouTube channel, is by creating sharp, witty, on topic responses to bigger videos to us. The more we made people laugh, the more likely people clicked on our channel & checked our content. This made us grow exponentially. Gaining roughly 800 subscribers a...
  11. P

    Need Youtube Comment Upvotes/Likes

    Hello guys, I was using Youtube Comment Upvotes from some panels to rank my comments. Unfortunately there was some problem with youtube and I can't find panel that provide upvotes/likes anymore. What happend? Is there anyone here on BHW who still sales this service at decent prices?
  12. gentishady

    Starting Youtube Channel from Scratch Music(Produce) - How to grow it?

    Hi all , I've been off BHW for a couple of months due to work I had to do but I need help. I want to start a Music Label I have a studio at home - I'm working on 5 projects with a friend that will be published in the end of the next month,I need to start my own...
  13. U

    EXPERT Coder needed for Youtube view/subscribe/like BOT $1000

    What's up Blackhat, Long time reader, first time poster, if you are not comfortable with that, don't reply. I am looking for a youtube bot that has complete functions, such as high retention views (100%prefer), rotating ips, comments, likes/dislikes, subscriptions etc (skype to discuss...
  14. F

    Like - a new kind of social drugs)

    Youtube Likes/Unlikes Likes that you buy from us are the Likes from real YouTube users, these are the people who put Likes for a cash compensation. We follow this audience of people and the quality of their work. Absolute novelty among media services unparalleled - the opportunity to buy...
  15. D

    Any solutions?

    Hello, so i'm testing a YouTube like bot but whenever i like the video with my accounts the like count isn't going up. Please help me fix this thanks
  16. T

    Unlimited YouTube Likes Script!

    You must Need FireFox Browser to do this . Now Download Imacro: Then Download the script: Copy the script to: Documents\iMacros\Macros Sign Up...
  17. M

    youtube like problem

    I am new in youtube marketing. I have lots of youtube accounts which is generated by manually. But when i started liking a video. after 4 like , that particular video is not taking like. Is there any solution ? i want to give 50 like to a video per day.
  18. S

    [Freebie] Get 20+ Likes on Your Video ( Offer to all )

    Hey BHW fellows, Here is my another freebie exclusively for BHW members only.. Post your Youtube video URL over the thread and lets wait for 24-48 hours and you will get 20+ likes over your video. Post over the thread first than PM me. Thanks and reputation will give us enthusiasm for more...