Best SMM For YouTube Likes & Views that deliver SUPER FAST at good prices?


Jul 8, 2013
Hi All,

I have been using a SMM for the last year (, however I have noticed the service has gotten far slow in delivering and some orders not even starting with tickets open...
But never mind about that... I have am looking for a great SMM that can give me YT Likes and Views very fast that can provide low and good quality options but most importantly, a lot of these deliveries need to be fast!!
At its peak for example; I could use my old SMM to deliver 5,000 Likes in less than 12 hours or 1,500 Likes in less than 2 hours and my order would start literally instant - within 10 minues of ordering.

I have tried 5 other SMM panels over the last month and wasted around $500 on them as Likes and views have been super slow! I have found thes on the SMM Social Media panel here on BHW but I am just getting know where.
Can someone reccomend a good SMM that offers YT Likes and Views as mentioned above at good competive price that delivery fast enough and also start almost instantly?

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