youtube high retention views

  1. milfordgeffrey | Boost Click-Through-Rate & Retention | Rank Your Videos On YouTube

    Groups of real people will search, click and watch your video based on the keywords you choose. This will increase your Click-Through-Rate and therefore improve your ranks in the YouTube search results. Price List: Basic (1-3 Min Retention) Advanced (3-6 Min Retention) • Basic 100 - $20 (100...
  2. A

    How to get more youtube views and suggestions | secrets to get in recommended videos

    Hello, i make youtube videos and post videos between 2-4 minutes on my channel. I noticed my niche opponents make 100.000 of views through youtube recommendations. Im sure that they are buying views and engagement. Can you help me out? are there any other secrets and tricks to get my videos in...
  3. F

    Youtube high retention views

    I have the method to create youtube high retention views and I'm making a website to start selling it, but I don't know at what price should I sell it, so I want to ask you how much would you be able to pay for it. I'd appreciate a lot any suggestion.
  4. cheezyboy

    Best YT package to buy that bypasses 300-view freeze after new update?

    Hello guys! I have split test some various SMM panels out there. I see that the views have increased in my creator studio and analytics, but barely reflecting when viewed as subscriber. For instance, I have one YT video that already gains 500 views, but less than 100 when viewed as...
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