youtube+ cpa

  1. saulop

    Facebook page + CPA still works?

    Rate my idea I was thinking of creating a facebook page niche of humor, create my watermark and make compilations of funny moments, in each post would leave a landing page with my offer and also for the video link on youtube (Facebook + Youtube) My idea to promote would be to share in niche...
  2. TigerWinG

    Invest 300 Dollar With CPA and Ogads

    I am planning to invest 300 dollar for CPA and Ogads and I will invest this money with bought 5 domain One year web hosting 10 Instagram aged account from market place 10 private proxy from market place Jarvee subscription Aws free vps 2 YouTube hack video from market place 3 min long 10k...
  3. Degen

    [Journey] YT +site and EM + Site

    A few months ago I started to develop a game for Windows/Mobile. It will be quite big and eventually be my #1 income in the near future... But to get the ball rolling again I need some funds! That's why I am going to revive my income from marketing again. This time NO let's earn some Youtube...