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  1. vinku

    [COURSE] How to make money with Youtube and Content Locker - Making Video Proofs, Ranking Videos, Choosing Niche - OGYTCOURSE.COM

    OGYTCOURSE.COM I would like to present a course that describes the topics of creating video proof for CPA, which we upload to the Youtube network. This is one of the methods of earning money, which consists of using YouTube as a traffic generator and content locker for making money. Methods...
  2. K

    Youtube Shadow Ban Videos?

    Hey BHW members I just found out that if the sugestet list of a video is not related to the video, it has a shadow ban. I ask because I have a lot of such videos now, and yes, they really don't rank. (unfortunately I found it out after spending some money on views and other things) Does anyone...
  3. MehtaM

    Can I promote 'game-hack' CPA proof videos on YouTube through Google adwords?

    Example "clash of clans gem generator" Another question: how many views can I get with $1000 ad budget?
  4. MrWhite2018

    Let's discuss keyword researching for YouTube - Here are the biggest issues I face which make it near on impossible!

    1. Find some keywords for niches 2. Check their stats on VIDIQ: Searches / Competition 3. Compare the stats found with the top results on YouTube: How many subs/views/etc 4. Check how many GOOGLE searches the keywords get to get an idea as to how popular the topic is 5. Go over to Google...
  5. C

    Youtube + CPA Method (Niche)

    Hi Guys, Please, i created this thread because i need help, to possibly get a niche idea for whitehat method for YouTube and CPA. I used to do YouTube and CPA method in the past, but i got discouraged because my videos all got deleted because they are blackhat, iphone and game offers. Now, i...
  6. mrnixdorf

    CPI CPA Journey To $500/Day

    Hello everyone, This is my first journey, i decided to start this journey to keep my self motivated, and motivate who are still struggling in getting their first $1 from the internet. This journey is about Youtube/Ogads What i've done so far : 1- Have a pre-made landing page that works for...
  7. vedeus

    CPA Gaming Hack - How he did that?

    Hello wise people, I recently saw a live stream on Youtube, where is constantly from 700 - 1300 people live and it runs 24/7 About the livestream, it's short video (2 min) in a loop and the video shows how to get Gems in the specific game. It's a voiceover and it shows how to get gems. You...
  8. P

    Videos getting deleted by YouTube

    I started YouTube + CPA last week. I made some videos for game hack using Adobe premiere pro. However, the videos get deleted immediately I uploaded them. Can any please tell what I'm doing wrong or solutions to the problem.
  9. Insta noob

    Youtube CPA Journey To $70/Day!(Already Earning)

    Hey, I stumbled upon youtube cpa 2 months ago, I kept reading and learning about youtube for 1 month and then I started uploading vids and tried to rank them with fake views and likes. I finally found a good way of ranking, and till now I have uploaded 3 game hack cpa vids which are making me...
  10. IAmDaze

    Host for CPA Landing Pages

    I wanna start YouTube + CPA. Which host do you guys recommend for hosting landing pages? Should I use VPS or shared hosting. And what about domain?
  11. Tenebra23

    YT views for CPA

    Since I made decent money via youtube + cpa (months ago but had to stop for many personal reasons), I wanted to ask if I can do the following thing instead of buying views for SMM panels. Since I have a cheap vps with enough RAM, could I run a software for views exchange (like ytmonster and...
  12. Vagr

    Youtube - Comment SPAM detection - How does it work?

    I'm doing youtube CPA. I write 2-4 quality manual (but similar) comments per day, on some popular videos in a certain niche and then send likes to them. People are most likely reporting my comments quite a lot which then marks them as spam. So when I make another comment, it shows up on the...
  13. Nioxo

    My YouTube + CPI journey to $50/day WITH NO INVESTEMENT

    So, this is my first journey thread. This thread is to motivate me and keep me hustling. NICHE - APP/GAME HACK WHAT I ALREADY HAVE/DONE- Ogads account with $30 in it, made from ig+cpi(not doing in anymore) A 1 year aged YouTube channel with 2 quality videos(not monetised in any way) WHAT I...
  14. Animation_Videos

    CPA + YT/SEO Journey to $100+ a day [ACHIEVED!!]

    Hello guys, it's been pretty long since i started working on cpa and tbh i started getting good results since 3 months. I wanted to start this journey thread before but couldn't due some personal reasons. Here are my results from the network- *on the last row, the day has just started so...
  15. blackc0de2


    Hey BHW! I'm just starting my journey with CPA (OGADS + YOUTUBE) So far I uploaded just 20 Videos! And from 20 videos that I did, upload got only $17! I'm Building 100 Videos right now "GAMING HACK NICHES" I'm using VPN and Textnow to verify my Youtube Accounts! For the views and the...
  16. Masum492

    How the hell these Kids Playing Channels are getting that amount of views?

    I have worked with YT in 2016 and made decent money. I want to back to game once again. Recently I am researching a lot about ranking on YT as the previous method and of course the YT's algo got changed. I am trying a lot different ways but nothing seems working for me to get the higher ranking...
  17. BlueShiftXDBrah

    YouTube Ranking Journey

    Hi, This will be my first journey, it will hopefully lead to greater things as I try to figure out YouTube and how the search engine works. I have ranked videos previously, my best video ended up raking in $4k. That was along with a ranked website though. However, that's as far as I took...
  18. noxiop

    Why Are CPA Offers ALWAYS Confusing?!

    Is there any network where the offers just work? It seems like most the offers are confusing and the end user can end up getting "lost" and give up on the offer. From feedback, it seems I lose nearly half my possible profit from people who would do it but are confused so they simply give up...
  19. M

    youtube video hlp needed

    how can i use youtube videos with cpa offers.
  20. Topiano

    [METHOD]ZlatanThegod~Cryogenesis YouTube Banking misconceptions & here is what really works !

    Recently, you should have seen two threads that talks in-depth about banking with YT authored by @ZlantanTheGod and @Cryogenesis : Links to Threads: ZlatanTheGod : Cryogenesis...