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  1. Vagr

    Youtube comment likes in 2018

    Im new to youtube marketing so I have no idea what are the ways to game the system on youtube right now, but is anyone able to give me some pointers on how to make youtube comment likes work? I tried 2 SMM panels, both did not work for me. Tried to like with my own aged PVA accounts both on my...
  2. Mcshizzle1016

    YouTube purposely stopping accounts from scoring "Top Comment"?

    As many YouTubers out there know, getting the top comment on larger channels help that channel grow exponentially. If done well, and you content is high-quality and entertaining, some top comments can score you anywhere between 30 ~ 90 subscribers sometimes. We do this from time to time on our...
  3. acerola

    Getting the Verified Badge on Youtube

    Hey everyone! Youtube pretty much says that you need 100k followers in order to get verified. I'm still on 30k subs and that little (v/) icon would really help on my advertising through comment positioning (organic traffic babyy). I was just wondering if there are any alternate ways of...
  4. P

    Need Youtube Comment Upvotes/Likes

    Hello guys, I was using Youtube Comment Upvotes from some panels to rank my comments. Unfortunately there was some problem with youtube and I can't find panel that provide upvotes/likes anymore. What happend? Is there anyone here on BHW who still sales this service at decent prices?