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  1. E

    YouTube: Is There A Way To Get Monetized?

    Hey Guys So I Wanna Get Monetized On YouTube To Earn Money Is There A Way? If Yes Let Me Know. AndIs There A Way To Upload Copyright Content Without Getting Copyrighted If Yes What Video Is Great For it. (Sorry If My English Is Bad)
  2. A

    Average CPM at the moment?

    Hello , I Just checked my average Cpm for February and I have Seen that it is Below 1$ per 1000 Views, Entertainment niche, although part of my audience is from the US and similar countries. So I was wondering what is your Cpm Like in the Last few weeks, also under 1 Dollar, and in what...
  3. madakalark

    Youtube bulk upload!!

    Hi guys, I have 5 youtube channels with 2k subscribers. now i started with uploading viedos, now i am uploading videos 5 channels with same ip address. will i get monitorise or not if i upload videos with same id address fro all 5 channels. daily i am uploading around 20 hours videos all...
  4. T

    Upload youtube videos from usa VPS and billing address from another country

    I have created a youtube channel using my USA VPS server. As well as I'm uploading videos from the same USA VPS server (same static IP). But I'm living in Japan. I want to know that is it violating youtube policies and Adsense policies if I set my Japan bank details and billing address? (This is...
  5. I

    500 k subs ,youtube channel!

    Hello , bhw, i have grown a youtube channel in a few months (500k subs) but i am in a big trouble because someone have give me 3 strike and that channel is not the owner of the content i use to make videos. He require $8k to me to remove the strike, but i dont trust him.I habe only 7 days or my...