you tube by proxy

  1. J

    mobile harvester

    good afternoon to all have something in my mind and make the following days there will be some script or whatever to haverst many phone numbers to use for promotion? any ideas?? or create some form of
  2. A

    any software to increase youtube Views without getting banned

    I am just looking for some youtube views increaser software ..also I don't want that the youtube ban the account some with proxy built in ..please help Guys
  3. stupiddumbass

    My Guide to Youtube Account creation!

    I use private proxys before but I got 1 account deleted either for using tubeincreaser2 which has never happened to me, or for bad account creation. Since then this s what I I do now! I downloaded tor browser as it has a identity changer built into it for fire fox portable. Then I create...
  4. spaceman4445

    Anyone using Tor with tube increaser...

    hi there, anyone knows how to configure tor with tube increaser. also where i can get fresh working proxies for tube increaser..:o
  5. spaceman4445

    Can someone clear my doubts on You Tube?

    I have some doubts regading you tube ,please comment 1)if iam uploading a video from lets say country x ,so that video which i have uploaded can only be seen from viewers in country x or be more precise what things i should care of to make my video viewable in US,coz iam non US...
  6. spaceman4445

    how to target audience in you tube of some other countries?

    hi friends,this is my first post and i wanted to know how can i target audience in you tube of other countries for xample if iam sitting in malaysia and want to target audience in can i do so,also can i apply proxy methods... thanks and very happy new year! :)
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