Can someone clear my doubts on You Tube?


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Dec 10, 2008
I have some doubts regading you tube ,please comment

1)if iam uploading a video from lets say country x ,so that video which i have uploaded can only be seen from viewers in country x or be more precise what things i should care of to make my video viewable in US,coz iam non US.

2)Suppose i have to target country y and iam in country x ,do i have to use proxy at time of uploading my video or only when i have to create diff accounts and use automated s/w for views.

also sites like heyspread and tubemogul ...when you upload video at them do they use same above things....

also does it depend from where your account has been created.

detailed explanations are welcomed....coz iam very confused dis time...

+suggest me your own tested view automation s/w and diff account creation s/w for you tube and wher can i find it...
so it doesnt matter where u live....i mean i can upload my video from my location and people in US can view it.
so whats the whole point of using proxies in tube increser, tube booster ,spinner etc.......

i know msg is too long coz it my first time in video marketing..:eek:
Proxys are for increasing the views stats only, It's a way to simulate different persons
Yes YT is global and anyone can watch any movie from wherever (unless YT is blocked by your country).

But....when you're targeting, let's say, Italians, you should sign up as an Italian.
When your vid goes well you have a change of receiving honors and frontpage coverage on the Italian part of YT.
And since most people leave their default settings in YT Italians will see your vid when they go to YT.

No doubt about it that this is much easier than targeting the frontpage of the US section of YT.
@blackhit - I didn't know that part. Thanks for the useful information, if I ever need to target another country, I'll do that. ;)
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