you tube account creation

  1. F

    Need someone to uploads 100+ videos YT.

    Hi Guys I need Someone to help with YT campaign .. Basically u will upload the videos for different accounts ping them .. and ad some description with URL. Let me know if you can help ... send me a pm or email at info42195 at with you proposal and Skype info if u have one...
  2. F

    Help for YOU TUBE Accounts need

    Hi Guys ! I am offline marketer and need some one to help with some new task I have line up You tube is one of them ! I need some one can help me with a 100 you tube accounts. You will Upload a video pointing to our website. You will Ping all the url videos . you will ad all tags and tittle...
  3. Burn Notice

    [Need] 50 YouTube Accounts Per Week

    Title says it all. I need 50 YouTube accounts per week for an ongoing project. Please PM me your price. Payments will be made via Paypal each week. Thanks in advance.
  4. stupiddumbass

    My Guide to Youtube Account creation!

    I use private proxys before but I got 1 account deleted either for using tubeincreaser2 which has never happened to me, or for bad account creation. Since then this s what I I do now! I downloaded tor browser as it has a identity changer built into it for fire fox portable. Then I create...
  5. donjuan

    How do you guys get around YT's duplicate content issue

    Ive got a couple videos to upload to several different channels but dont want them deleted for duplicate content. What are you good folks doing to make your videos unique in the eyes of YT?
  6. spaceman4445

    Can someone clear my doubts on You Tube?

    I have some doubts regading you tube ,please comment 1)if iam uploading a video from lets say country x ,so that video which i have uploaded can only be seen from viewers in country x or be more precise what things i should care of to make my video viewable in US,coz iam non US...
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