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  1. MichelangeSEO

    How Can I Get my Business Listed on Yelp?

    Howdy, So, I know Yelp is hated by many, but I also know it can be good for branding and indirectly for SEO. I've tried on multiple businesses, to add businesses to Yelp, and they just seem to sit there in a pending status (one has been like that for years and it's a legit business). Do I...
  2. OaklandSwift

    Looking for local Yelp/Yelp Elite reviewers, regular basis

    I'm looking for local Yelp/Yelp Elite reviews that stick in the following cities: - SF and the whole Bay Area - LA, San Diego - NYC - Chicago - Austin & Washington We have a bunch of home services-related pages (handyman, tv mounting etc). Willing to pay after 14 days of the review staying...
  3. S


    Hi everyone looking for someone who does local Yelp reviews that stick Currently Need help Thanks In advance
  4. G

    Looking for yelp reviews.

    If anyone can provide yelp reviews that are local to USA in particular California if possible. Please PM me if interested
  5. C

    NeedYelp Reviews/Yelp Elite Reviews?

    Who needs strong Yelp Reviews? I have 100+ Elite friends all over the states(U.S). And 500+ real yelpers ready! Only in the U.S please! I’ve helped over 150 businesses to this point! I may charge a premium but I’m really fast. Believe it or not many people who post that they have yelp reviews...
  6. N

    Desperately Looking for Elite Yelp Reviews

    Hi, we have a Yelp account and recently the one-star review unfiltered itself making our profile looks bad! We are willing to pay double for the Yelp Elite review. Please kindly let me know if anyone out there can help. 1001 thanks!
  7. B

    Need Quality Yelp Reviews

    Need someone that can provide Yelp reviews for a business page, geo not important.. Must be aged, using local IP's of where the account is registered, and will stick and not be taken down. PM me with details, how many you can provide, and pricing. Also willing to do trades with my personal...
  8. focus10

    Need Yelp Reviews for California

    Hey BHW, I’m looking for a legit Yelp review provider. Ideally you have aged accounts in the states, more specifically California. The idea is to work with a solid provider that I can continually send business to. Thx!
  9. B

    Yelp Support Desk | Ask me anything about YELP

    I’ve been in the Yelp game for 8 years. In that time I’ve managed over 600+ different businesses on various freelance platforms like local clients and fiverr and dealt with every type of client. I’m not the absolute best In the yelp game by far, however I’ve came across tons of issues and have...
  10. shadow5

    Aged Yelp Account Reviews (ELITE or OTHER)

    Hey all, I'm looking for help in increasing yelp presence, rating, etc... and MORE IMPORTANTLY - combating negative reviews from assholes on yelp for a friend of mine. Location: Los Angeles Send me a PM with capabilities, quotes, etc.. Thanks!
  11. A

    Yelp Reviews & Upworks Reviews

    Need Upworks Reviews from people with client accounts. You use your client account to hire my freelancer account with job details I'll provide, end contract a couple days later, and leave 5 stars + review i'll provide. Walk away with $10 for your trouble. Also need Yelp Reviews from people with...
  12. B


    Yelp Domination The yelp store for all of your needs ACCOUNTS WE USE REVIEWS
  13. Manf Haider

    How to get net filtered in Yelp Reviews

    Hi, I recently started Yelp reviews business but the platform seems to be way more smart and filter 90% of the reviews. I'm writing thorough reviews, location (city) specific socks VIP72 and country specific Google accounts to login. How to get rid off filtering. Any expert opinion please!
  14. A

    Hello BHW.

    hello community, i want increase my skill in yelp marketing if anyone help me improve my account on yelp, its be amazing!
  15. X

    Yelp Reviews

    I am looking for reliable Yelp reviews that will NOT be deleted or marked as a spam/fraud. Looking for 40 reviews a month for the next 3 months. Niche: online retail Country: FL, USA
  16. B


    Hi, Blackwalker here with Re-Reputation™ Today we are offering yelp reviews with a drop proof system. ONLY USA REVIEWS! We will not write reviews, we will only post them. PRICES (Subject to change) $5 Per USA Review (any star you want. 1,2,3,4,5 You write review or can be blank)...
  17. KaveCa7

    Observations about Yelp's system of dishing out leads

    So I don't know if this is just a figment of my imagination, but i noticed that the number of leads yelp has been giving me has gone up substantially as traffic to my page has increased and various inner pages have started to rank. This despite my yelp page not ranking for squat. During a...
  18. J


    Let's help each other. One of my clients has a local business in the Bay Area, CA and I would like to trade some yelp reviews to increase the power of his business profile. (I will send you the comment which you will post & you will do the same) ***PREREQUISITES: USER ACCOUNT MUST: Been a...
  19. P

    Looking a Yelp Review From Yelp Elite account

    Looking a Yelp Review From Yelp Elite account please pm
  20. fastandreal

    Anyone Help with Yelp Reviews?

    Hello guys, Need Yelp reviews stuck Let me know if we can add 4 new 5 star reviews. I'll give you the wording if you need. contact me skype smmdepanel
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