yahoo answer

  1. cycoshas

    Does yahoo Answers still works ??

    Right now i am working on Quora for my website traffic & think about yahoo answers. Can any one suggest is there any benefit of having backlink from yahoo answer (except traffic)?
  2. P

    WTB yahoo ans level 3 account

    i need with creap rate, kindly PM me :)
  3. P

    yahoo answer level 3 account

    i need 5 yahooanswer level 3 account sellers kindly inbox me :)
  4. A

    Are there statistics in "Yahoo Answers"?

    I want to know the stats of the q&a of mine there.
  5. A

    Bitly links on Yhaoo answers doesn't shown

    Hi I have a Yahoo answers level 3 accountץ at first I was posting answers with bitly links and it was all good. Now, after a while and many answers with bitly, I can't see the links - I can see only when I logged in. Now, I tried to shorten with tinyurl and now the links are do shown. FYI I...
  6. yourdady

    Looking For Yahoo Answer Backlink [Must Level 5 Yahoo Account]

    Hi there, As I heard Yahoo is only allowing level 5 users to get clickable link from yahoo answer..! Is there anybody who can get me a link from yahoo answer! I'll provide text and a link all you need to do is to post it there with your level 5 account..! I dont want to get link from any random...
  7. KHR

    Yahoo Answer Writer Wanted...

    Hello, I am Looking for Yahoo Answer Writer. You have to write in Men's Health Niche, If you are not willing to write in this niche please Stay Away. Requirements: 1. Yahoo Answer Account Level 2+ 2. Answer Should be Relevant & Unique & High Quality. 3. Post Must be Permanent. My Max Budget...
  8. Cratos

    Need Yahoo Answer Account Lvl4+

    Looking for level 4 plus yahoo answer accounts. Inbox me with your rate.
  9. onymguy

    buying yahoo answers L3 account

    looking for yahoo answers level 3 account
  10. KHR

    Hiring Yahoo Answer Writer

    Hello, I want to Hire Freelancers for Writing on Yahoo Answer. Writer must have Level 2+ Accounts. You have to Write on Adult Health Questions. I will order bulk Answer. So Need Low Price. I must not Accept SPAM Answers. Pls Comment Here with Details, if You are Interested. Do not PM Me, I...
  11. Ambitious12

    Yahoo Answers,sometimes the key of success.

    Hello friends, After checking many threads out here related to every bit about digital marketing,I thought I should also share what I know. I love Yahoo Answers so much from the earlier,plus I have seen many ups n downs also in YA,I earned good amount($$$$) in one year with my Q&A service and I...
  12. Y

    Looking for a yahoo answer provider

    Hello, We are looking for a yahoo answer provider... We need quality providers. And we will provide the text, you only need to publish them. Anyone who are interested in this pls PM me.
  13. Ambitious12

    [Giveaway] Providing 10 Yahoo Answers Link to 10 Members. :)

    Hello Guys, on behalf of completing my 1000 posts here..I would like to giveaway 10-10 yahoo answers to 10 people here. Post your comment below and no need to write that shit,why I need it :P and then please skype me,dont PM me :P Your website link- One main keyword- I will ping you back your...
  14. PassionateWriting

    Where can I sell Yahoo level 2 accounts?

    Hey guys, I am not sure if I posted this in the right section or not, but hope I did. Now, my question is, I have about 20-30 yahoo level 2 accounts and planning to sell them. Though I am expecting only like $3/account, I am not having enough ideas on where to sell them, with Fiverr being so...
  15. K

    CB Yahoo Answers Problem

    Hello! With Yahoo Answers extremely strict now, I've been buying some accounts trying to promote a health and fitness product for woman weight loss. Anyway I answer 1 question with my link then do 1-2 legitimate answers and repeat. I just keep getting reported and losing points and keep going...
  16. Tunenchi

    Old yahoo answers?

    I believe it's still easy to access the old (green) Yahoo answers by using links such as: http://(in,malaysia,nz,ph,sg) Recently, I moved to Chrome and cleared my history on Firefox, I then tried to access the old yahoo answers through a saved bookmark and the mentioned...
  17. B

    Yahoo Answer Pro needed at affordable price

    I have several niche and plan to generate some real traffic from yahoo. I need a super yahoo answer poster at cheap price. All I need is permanent backlink of my websites at related questions in yahoo.
  18. X

    Yahoo Answer not in Google index

    Hi forum, One of my Yahoo questions, which was naturally ranking within 1 - 2 days of posting, is no longer indexed by Google. There was no link building to the question apart from sharing the question itself via G+, 2 or 3 accounts. The question, with the answer is still there, not reported...
  19. Madruga

    The Rise & Fall of Y! (Bedtime Stories for IM-ers)

    OCT '09 surely sucked for them big time. Now, what happened during the last 3 years for them? (2010-2013)
  20. S

    Yahoo answers

    Planning on using Yahoo Answers for getting traffic to website. Any tips on how to avoid getting banned by Y​ahoo.
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