The Rise & Fall of Y! (Bedtime Stories for IM-ers)

I feel sorry for Yahoo but still, I like reading their news pages. I hope that Yahoo will rise up again.
I dont feel sorry for them at all - somehow, they always manage to offer worse service for more money.
Yeah and not being able to forward mail to your yahoo inbox without paying for premium membership sucks
Nice post - good read.. ye and their homepage is one giant mess
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I never knew they were that deep in crap, but come on...when was the last time anyone said "I'll just go Yahoo it"
lol @ geocities being shut down in 2009.

Can't believe it took them that long to keep it.

Facebook will probably buy yahoo one day...
From a business perspective. They should just shut down yahoo and spin it around with a new company and a fresh look for audience.
I wonder why big corps always fail to see the big writing on the walls. Passing on facebook, youtube, meh what a waste.
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