1. Nedronproo

    Chaturbate affiliate programe

    First sorry for my bad englich Hey guys i started this week with chaturbate affiliate programme i reupload videos to many adult sites but i dont see any progresse I just have one free register I use also Instagram account to get some traffic I dont have any money to do some ads Can someone...
  2. N

    Which sites pay for original videos posted and how much do they pay for viewing?

    Can someone help me ? Which sites pay for original videos posted and how much do they pay for viewing? I have an account Pornhub 100,000 $ 64.00 xvideos ? Xhmster ? there are others please .....
  3. N

    The New Porn Maker

    Hi, I am a new creator of porn. I hope to make new business friends and study English and make a living from amateur porn. I live in an emerging country, a lot of poverty, a lot of taxes. But here are many hot girls lol. I intend to share experiences, knowledge and pleasures with you!
  4. A

    I Need Buy interested in Xvideos channel account.

    I Need Buy interested in Xvideos channel account. Are you have sell me , Please
  5. T

    Porn uploading problem

    I created a new account xvideo but video is now being uploading there :( sorry for bad english
  6. mhub146

    Question about xvideos

    hey i would like to know how to add model name like this have a nice day
  7. D

    Why are Xvideos Global Statistics views so vastly different than Views posted on main profile page?

    I'm looking at my view count and I see two extremely different numbers, but I don't know how it correlates. Let me show you what I mean. Example #1 i.imgur.com/3FWqiFL.png Example #2 i.imgur.com/ODxLE1S.png The first section of views are from my Xvideos profile page directly. The second...
  8. K

    Xvideo - uploaded video not found, am i shaddow banned?

    Hi Gents New to porn reupload, and my first experience with Xvideos have being frustrating to say the least. Using private proxies, new email etc. I just uploaded a porn vid, and it successfully uploaded, even shows up in my profile --> videos. Clicking on the video link however produces the...
  9. sumithykkts

    [Help] free Video hosting

    Hello Guys, I'm planning to start an affiliate with the adult niche. I want to get free video hoster for uploading videos. what is the best and free video hosting for my purpose thanks all
  10. sumithykkts

    [Find] Free Video Hosting

    I'm looking for free videos hosting to My Porn site. I wish to choose openload.co Please expert advice me. I;m newbei
  11. sumithykkts

    [how to] Videos reupload to Xvideo

    Hi Guys, I’m interesting to make money from reloading porns videos. I tried with Xvideo.com as content program. But they ask official website. I do not have any website related this. Please help me. If any other website mention here Thanks
  12. AnoniX

    Porn upload video views (infothread)

    Hey, i recently start to work a bit with porn uploading. It's hard to find many infos about stats like views in this buisness. So maybe lets share some screenshots and infos about your work. I only upoad on xvideos and atm only self made compilations. Here is how it looks like right now:
  13. D

    Xvideos Python Script Need Help

    Hello Can somebody help me to make this xvideos auto upload work. I have almost make it to work but struggle at tags fill and send video to upload button. https://pastebin.com/iVWKN3dx Dont Know Why but i can't post the code.