1. Keells

    What is a Reliable and Affordable proxy provider for GSA search engine ranker and SEO tools

    Hey there! I'm a heavy user of GSA Search Engine Ranker (GSA SER). I run 3 copies of GSA SER and 1 copy of Xrumer (Ahrefs) / Xevil. I've been using webshare.io without any issues, using their unlimited bandwidth 100 proxies for $75. But now they're requesting ID verification and such, so I'm...
  2. ieJoo

    Xevil for GSA SER Worth ?GSA SER captcha costs?

    What's your point of view buying Xevil purposely only for gsa ser. I am a big fan of GSA search engine ranker and currently, i am using GSA captcha breaker. For hard captcha i use 2captcha which is insanely pricey for me. T1 Blast With GSA ( chosen engines -high pa/da urls - contextual...
  3. Y

    Scrape Emails and Leads Question

    If I have a site where I have the link to 100 of the people I want to reach, and each link contains 1)their name 2) phone 3)email (all in the same format and sizing, etc) is there a way i can tell (program) my scraper (either scrapebox, or something else you suggest) to take "X" and "Y" from...
  4. S

    Advice on using gsa, xrummer, scrapebox etc.

    What tier would anyone advise to use GSA, Xrummer and Scapebox for linkbuilding?
  5. R

    Should I invest in software to do my own SEO?

    I see a lot of people use toold like senuke, xrummer, and scrapebox. Im new to IM, so i dont know too much about SEO.I was planning on outsourcing the SEO, bit should i learn how to use these tools and invest in any of them? Are they safe to use(whitehat)? Thanks!
  6. SEOwned

    Xrumer Info

    I always hear about Xrumer and have a few questions that you maybe able to help with. Whats the official site to buy Xrumer, is it $150 1 off fee or $150 per month? Are there any discounts available to buy this Is it worth buying? Do I need any other tools like Captchas, IP addresses etc...
  7. avi_31337

    Best VPS/Dedi with Pre-installed BH Tools ?

    For those who intended to suggest me to use the search, I've already did it. I've also goggled and came up with these ones Cheapseovps.info extremeseotools.com bhtdownloads.com (Out Of Stock) Xrumer-vps.com I'm relatively new to SEO softwares like SENuke, Xrummer etc.. My goal is to...
  8. C

    xrumming directly to my money site, mistake?

    Hi Guys, I'm new to black hat and up to now have been using the usual white hat stuff, anyway I got a bit tired of being continually outranked by black hatted sites and after 3 years in SEO decided it was time to come to the dark side and try out some techniques to find the best one and then...
  9. Y

    philapino / indian or inexpensive SEO expert needed to work for me on a monthly basis.

    hi i am to open a few site soon, and i need SEO expert to do the work to be on hand , and some website knowledge would help too. Any one who has xrumer, senuke and scrapebox and can do directory submission that is a big bonus .... i am looking for someone who can be interactive with the...
  10. R

    xrummer workers

    Wan to work with someone who can do a great job backlinkng about 30 articles we distribute a month. Lower number of backlinks (1,000 per article) must have own xrummer and be reliable and verifiable.
  11. R

    What should I do with a 17 Year Old Domain?

    I finally decided to do something with this 17 year old domain that I friend gave me. He gave me a blank check and just said do anything but sell it. It is wealthnetwork,com and was registered back in 1993. Currently the site is nothing. It has been unhosted for the last 9 months and didn't...
  12. G

    Anybody Still getting good rankings with Xrumer?

    I'm no newbie and a read a few post but I want to see if anyone is still getting good rankings with Xrummer alone. I was thinking about buying it to create a blog network of high ranking sites... Any feedback would be great! Thanks
  13. U

    Hiding the referer with MovieSitePress

    Hi guys, Im in a hurry im going to start a movie site with a new cpa network called dollarade and im going to be using the theme MovieSitePress and i want to know how can i hide the referer. i asked the person in charge if they support movie sites and he told me they do :D but its on my own...
  14. S

    autopligg vs xrummer vs scrapebox

    Hi, i'm thinking in buy autopligg or xrummer or scrapebox What is recommend? My goals are: 1st) creation of links with anchor text 2nd)publish content in many sites (with or without links) for this content publish get rankins in search results (online reputation services) My needs are...
  15. R

    New Domain - best way to get a ranking

    Hi, I have a new site, built in wordpress. I have had a domain for about 3 years which now just redirects to this domain I purchased 2 days ago. What is the best course of action for SEO without getting blacklisted? Is it too soon for an X rummer? Would it be better to get submitted to...
  16. pk_69

    xrummer and captcha

    can anybody share experience using anticaptcha/captchabot with xrummer? how much using one of them changes your success rate? which one is easy to deal with? it see none of them is really working with paypal and I submit questions to both and didn't get an answer so I assume there is not...
  17. D

    How much does it cost to have Xrumer running ???

    I know the program is $500, but what other costs do you have in order to have the system running??????
  18. D

    Who is the best Xrummer service provider on BHW???

    In your experience who is the best Xrummer service provider on BHW???
  19. D

    Whats better??? 100 spoke linkwheel VS 10,000 Backlink blast from Xrummer

    Simple question Whats better??? 100 spoke linkwheel VS 10,000 Backlink blast from Xrummer
  20. mrgrim

    Proxie Server help

    Hey i need some guidance on making my own proxy server with multiple proxies I have a dedicated server running lamp i downloaded squid but was not sure if i needed anything else i plan on giving out some free proxies to bhw members, The reason im making mu own server is cause i cant stand using...
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