1. A

    Need help accessing messages being sent by telegram bot to my old account which I no longer have access to.

    I lost access to my old telegram account that had a bot on it with some important stuff. There are still messages incoming on the bot on my old account. I still have the HTTP API token, and have heard that I can access the bot from another telegram account with the token as I have seen others...
  2. A


    Need a good PHP Coder that can make a live panel (control what visitor sees from admin panel) each time they press next they are stuck on loading screen until I decide where to redirect them from my side (admin panel).
  3. Ed Roy

    How To Change The Sitemap URL sitemap.xml to customname.xml ?

    Looking forward to your advice.
  4. nahid133

    [Need Help] Wordpress Sitemap

    Ok, I'm having some issues with my sitemap I think. It shows some errors. Anybody got any suggestions? Sitemap index can be read but has errors General HTTP error HTTP Error: 403 I was using Yoast sitemap I disabled it & install a dedicated XML sitemap plug for this & resubmitted But still...
  5. barspiner

    Website Question - Parse Multiple XML To One Structure

    Hello guys, I have one question. We plan to make catalogue affiliate website with around 100 000 products. We have multiple XML files with different categories etc... Is there any way how to parse or categorized all XML to one structure or one category tree? Also 100k products is probably too...
  6. L

    need help in xml sitemap

    can any one please help me in my website xml sitemap please so much confusiong problem i have in my website www. .com/sitemap.xml 1 link is totally empty and second link have all the pages of my website and from last 40 days i am sending my 1 page to url inspection but its...
  7. gigglesworld

    Need a simple script developed

    We are in need of a small script that will allow us to pull down pricing from a marketplace website, do a comparison to raise or lower our pricing to compete with other sellers. We have an old script that once worked but no longer does, we don't want that application fixed we want a new one...
  8. CyberSEO

    Get CyberSEO plugin ver.6 for FREE

    The CyberSEO plugin version 6 has been released in 2012 and its development was stopped in 2015. In 2016 CyberSEO 6 was finally replaced by newest and most advanced CyberSEO 7 "Revolution". Now the obsolete version 6 is freeware and you can download it from this page for free. Just extract the...
  9. C

    Free alternative to paid video importer plugin for porn site?

    Hi, I am looking for a free tool or perhaps combination of tools to achieve the following: Auto fetch videos (by keyword + category or at least category) from popular sites like xhamster, youporn, xnxx, xvideos. AND Auto-embed videos in designated area of site. OR Bulk CSV/XML porn links...
  10. H

    Trying to copy a company's receipt with the same printer as them. How do I speak to this printer?

    I'm attempting to make a receipt that looks nearly identical to a receipt by a specific business. I want everything to look exactly the same except for the information within the receipt. e.g. Logo, address, items, prices, etc. So I bought the exact same printer as them.An Epson printer (Model...
  11. SEO Supreme

    Wordpress bulk post update with XML

    Hey guys, I'm running a script that generates thousands of WP posts that I'm able to import through XML. The question is how can one update already uploaded posts without deleting them and re-uploading? Unfortunately, the import function doesn't update currently existing posts. Thanks in advance,
  12. illking15

    What does XML and XML Traffic Means?

    Just a noob question from a young boy trying to man up. I don't know if I posted on the right thread. I'm just curious what XML and XML traffic means? I don't have any idea about it. Hope someone can explain it to me thoroughly. Thanks in advance BHW! PEACE! ill,
  13. PandaBusters

    Making the scraped block-proof...

    Does Google Trends/Facebook, etc., see viewers coming in as "robots" and not humans and block you because of your browser? Scrapebox, WP Scraper, etc., use improvised browsers with what I know now, and GT/FB are probably 1. Blocking code it sees in your browser 2. You time-out because the pages...
  14. S

    API help

    I purchased access to an api for keyword research. I need help from an experienced individual who will be able to import a list of keywords into the api string and use the "import XML" function to return the results into excel. Currently I have my Api url showing data in my browser as xml data...
  15. Tonmoy Ajize

    Sitemap Format XML.GZ - Is It Fine ? Your Opinion !

    Hello There, I am using All In One Seo Pack Pro which create sitemap automatically. But sitemap.xml was too large, almost 80000 pages and was taking 5/6 seconds to load. So i try to find options to splitt pages into multiple sitemap files. But when turned these options on in AIOSP it...
  16. B

    XML Feeds

    I have trouble inserting xml feeds into my wordpress website for advertising networks. And I don't understand how that works, I just insert xml feed and he somehow creates the ad for me, I don't understand, but they won't respond, they probably expect from me to know programming, but if you can...
  17. NosokOrg

    Split Xml by lines

    Hello to all. I have a regular task to split large xml files ( for example 580k lines ) to little files by 10k lines in each? Is any some script or solution to make it automatically ?
  18. A

    Search123 & Yahoo XML-Feed cooperation ending today

    Cooperation between Search123 and Yahoo is ending today. Search123 announced, they will no more possible to provide XML AD Feed for Publishers. Any ideas for Search123 alternatives?
  19. I

    Help! I am looking for CPA Networks

    Hello guys! I am looking for CPA networks which specialized on E-Commerce. It would be great if they provide XML-feeds with advertiser's products. Currently I am working with cj and rakuten but their feeds are so 'dirty'. My site specialized on clothes, shoes and accessories, planning to develop...
  20. D

    IS an XML sitemap really a necessity??

    Good day, ppl.... I was wondering if the absence of an XML sitemap will adversely affect SERPs. Specifically, if a page has already been indexed by Google, and maybe even doing well with keyword SERPs, all without the use of a sitemap, will the inclusion of a sitemap do anything to boost...
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