1. JauneJaune

    Bulk check domain Xenu ?

    Hello, Does someone know if its possible to bulk import domain root url in xenu to check broken links ? Thanks ;)
  2. P

    Xenu/ScreamingFrog/ScrapPrograms Max Threads

    Hello seo partners, Any of you guys use Xenu link sleuth or Screamingfrog to gather links in order to find expired domains? Currently, i am using screamingfrog and i have a doubt setting the speed of the program. How many simultaneously threads do you think its ok to put in the crawl speeding...
  3. M

    Xenu+the wayback machine question ¿how to get new and original content?

  4. K

    Scrapebox Alive Check Sucks.... Going With Xenu Link Sleuth....

    hey guys, did a ton of cleaning with my lists. Gscraper pulled 20,000,000 + urls..... Bout time I removed the dupe domains, trimmed domains to root... have about 380k clean! I wanted to use XENU to delete the dead sites though.... any ideas on how its done?
  5. maxsaint

    How to use Xenu for expired domains?

    So I've been searching all night trying to learn how to use Xenu. I'm trying to use it to check to see if the urls I have are expired,or no longer active. When I import my txt files that I'd like for it to check, it doesn't check just the url it checks everything. So rather than checking 10125...
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