1. M

    Any tips on hosting nulled Xenforo ?

    Hello all, Hope you are having a good day! I plan to learn more about Xenforo, in my case, I will be using a nulled Xenforo. At the same time, it is a toy project, so I will use GCP to host it. Wonder if they would be a big issue (since GCP linked to my credit card and I live in the us). nulled...
  2. Bloodseeker

    Flarum vs. Discourse vs. Xenforo: Which one would you choose and why?

    I want to start a community, but I've many concerns. Flarum and Discourse are free and basically the obvious choice. Discourse requires a VPS, so I have to spend an extra $10 there. I am willing to spend this amount, but I am a complete noob at Linux server management. I can use DigitalOcean's...
  3. Bloodseeker

    Is Xenforo worth it in 2021?

    There are tons of forum solutions out there, but it's tough to make a choice. When it comes to blogging, WordPress is the obvious choice. I want a similar forum solution that is easy and powerful. I've tried Discourse, but it's really hard to manage. You can ask their community for the smallest...
  4. onlove_ol

    Enable User-ID tracking in Google Analytics for Xenforo

    This tutorial will help you enable tracking User-ID features in Google Analytics (default in Xenforo only tracking pageview & auto event by Google) Step 1: Follow guide on https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/3123666?hl=en to create new User-ID View on GA. Step 2: Login your Xenforo...
  5. MiLe31

    Should I create a forum... and how?

    BHW family, I am not sure where this topic belongs so I'm putting it here. I run a few small online businesses in fields I've been working in for YEARS. They are doing okay, paying the bills, but I want to gather a bigger audience. I already run Facebook groups for these niches, but I want...
  6. savobaby

    Need help installing XenForo on DigitalOcean droplet

    I can't figure this one out, does anybody know how to install XenForo onto a DO droplet? Cheers in advance if you do! I will pay you $35 for your time!
  7. wirestyle

    XenForo NGINX Friendly URL Help

    Probably a long shot but I need some help... Just installed xenforo into a sub directory domain.com/forum/ on my site. Now I'm a little baffled as to how I get full friendly URLs working? I'm running centos + vesta cp + nginx. After doing some digging apparently I need to edit a NGINX config...
  8. Starblazer

    What themes & add-ons do I need to create a site like BHW?

    The basic xenforo installation gives an empty shell that looks like every other forum. What themes & add-ons are required to change appearance like BHW? I need a home page, both black & white themes, no paid membership and probably adsense ads.
  9. Veil123

    - How To Use BlackHatWorld -

    Hello there! If you are a newly registered member and you feel like being confused and 'scared' around BHW, then this All-In-One guide I wrote is just for you! BlackHatWorld Interface and features Threads, posts... Last but not least Thanks for...
  10. Mrnewbie

    Need help with my xenforo on my account

    It's EST time so it's Saturday but whoever that is junior vip or more that can help me with my forum and update would be appreciated. Thank you for your time and have a great day as well!
  11. Loadzz

    Implement Twitter Cards for XenForo forum?

    Hello, Can anyone help implement Twitter Cards (https://dev.twitter.com/cards/overview) into my XenForo forum? Thanks,
  12. Oprezy

    Help needed with Xenforo asap!

    Admins, please move my forum to right category if am wrong by posting here, i don't wish to spam OR GET BANNED hi guys, after scanning for a place where i can ask questions, i finally came across this. I opened a xenforo forum for students in my country few months back but the forum homepage is...
  13. spider7


    Hi Friends, I see that BH has changed from V.Bulletin to XenForo. I know the history of XenFero but not sure Why BH changed over. Isn't it basically the same? Why the Drastic move (must have been alot of work to transfer data)? Anyone?
  14. G

    Imacros - autoposter for xenforo

    I can not insert text in textarea xenforo editor .. any idea? VERSION BUILD= TAB T=1 TAB CLOSEALLOTHERS SET !ERRORIGNORE YES URL GOTO=http TAG POS=1 TYPE=INPUT:TEXT FORM=ID:ThreadCreate ATTR=NAME:title CONTENT=xxxxxx<SP>xxxx<SP>xxxx<SP>xxxxx TAG POS=1 TYPE=TEXTAREA...
  15. pulkitseo

    Need someone who can work on xenforo software

    namaskar I need someone who can work on xenforo software.i have site and i want to add few things on it. thanks and regards
  16. pulkitseo

    where can i find cheap xenforo design services?

    I have started forum site now i need someone who can style forum by adding addon's where can i find cheap xenforo design services? i have less money ..please suggest someone if you know anyone who can do it at cheap and decent price
  17. pulkitseo

    does anyone have experience of handling and adding features to xenforo software

    hello everyone i recently purchased xenforo and some how managed to install it...but i dono how to work any further on it..anyone who has prior experience of this software please guide me.. thanks and regards
  18. 4

    best wordpress-forum solution

    What do you use if your site has a forum as well? I know there's buddypress but I like the functionality and feel of vbulletin or xenforo. What's the best strategy for bridges/logins/software choices? Brand new site, I want to get this right from the ground up.