1. doroboy

    When writing a PBN article, please let me know which of these two types is more correct

    The theme of PBN is wood related blogs, and the money site is poker. Which of the two content below is more appropriate? 1. Top reasons for supplying casino tables The main reason for supplying tables to casinos: When I think of casinos, fancy slot machines, roulette wheels, and poker tables...
  2. designer style

    How to make chatgpt write like a human ?????

    How I can make chatGPT write like a Human?
  3. whywork

    NFT Whitepaper Tips (2022)

    Hello BHW, I have been helping people with their NFT projects for the past year and so I have done tons of research on what works and what doesn´t. One of the main pieces of any project is their whitepaper, I´ve seen it all, so to make it easier for yall. I am sharing with you my criteria to...
  4. Folarin

    Is there a way to reverse-engineer a autoblog

    I have no knowledge about programming and I found a lot of auto blog sites in my niche getting a million views per month through auto blog, is there any way to reverse engineer their site and know the script they are using.
  5. I am Ak

    How to do Amazon listing guest post?

    Hello Every one. I need some help about guest posting. Can any buddy guid me. How to do Amazon listing guest post. Majority website admins only accept onlye 1 or 2 ******** links. But in amzon listing guest website have too many do follow links. Is Amazon a separate website for guest posting or...
  6. Dexser

    Spinner for French texts ?? :)

    Hi, Does anyone know a spinner for French texts? WordAI has a version for the French language, but it doesn't work... Do you have any other Free / Paid tools? Just a tool that does its job properly. Thanks a lot!
  7. Ricardo R

    I found a deal of a lifetime lads. Come, check it out...

    Edit: I am just trolling those who sell crap like this. Not here, on other platforms. Here is this seller's pitch... "I will write and post 10 articles in just $20 Will post on high da sites. DA starts from 60 to 90 all links will be do follow each article will be 500 words" Google number...
  8. cosmo89

    Any thought on Article Forge 2.0?

    I just saw this Article forge tool, now and looks interesting. If you have used before or using it, please do let me know your opinion. Thanks
  9. ApexTemple

    Looking for an Homepage Article ASAP

    Hey there, I'm looking for an article written for my honepage. The product is a home & gardening product. I want to use the article for my money page. The article should be keyword optimized and min. 3000 words, better 5000 words long. The TAT should be max 3 days, if you can do it within 1...
  10. S

    What's The Best Way Or Sources I can Use To Earn $50 Daily By Writing Content

    I've been trying to earn money online for a while but hardly make any significant amount. I want to start internet marketing biz, like promoting affiliate products or ecommerce, but I realize that I need to invest some money for buying domain, hosting, tools (wordpress plugins and landing page...
  11. dkv023

    How long did it take you to write well

    Folks can you share your experience. How long did it take you to write good english articles? Especially if you are a non-native speaker. Can you share some thoughts, tips.
  12. Alma

    [HIRING] Looking for a writer to write about a university

    Hello, Looking for english writer to write about a university (vse.cz/english/) for a website that will be a "fan" informational website. Please PM me and let me know what topics you would write about (unsure about this, since a lot of info is already available on the official website), the...
  13. LilMosey

    [WTB] Need someone who can write me an 500 word article in 24hours

    Looking for somebody who can write me one (1) 500 word article in less than 24hours. Only Jr.Vip
  14. X

    Looking for a full-time/freelance English writer in the Casino/Betting niche

    We are looking for a freelance or full-time employed person (since we have a lot of work) to work in our casino/betting websites. Job will consist in writing in SEO pages to rank for money keywords, write offers, news and slots and casino reviews. No agencies. Price negotiable, but looking...
  15. Rachanaa

    need content write Thailand Indonesia Malaysia

    i need writers in different language send me pm with price skype: live:gokul1028 email : [email protected]
  16. W

    Looking for writer with excellent English *long-term project*

    Hi writers, I'm looking for someone with excellent writing skills in English. Native or not, I don't give a s*** - just be willing to work hard and give your best and you'll be rewarded. *This is an ongoing project. I have LOTS of content that I need written/re-written!* If your English is...
  17. B

    Looking for Hire Someone To Write Cheap Content

    Looking to hire someone or someones to write some Cheap Content. - 500 Words For $2.00 to Start. Needs to be unique passing Copyscape and make sense. Meaning copied or spun content will not work. Looking forward to reading replies!
  18. 1ksao

    Need writer(s)

    Hola friendos. Been a while since I've been on BHW but I'm back with a request. Looking for writers to write for a wedding theme blog. Send your skype ID, cost per word and previous articles you've written (doesn't have to be wedding based) and we'll go from there. Looking for someone I can...
  19. Morpheus696

    Find sites accepting guest posts or sites you can write for.

    This is a real complex method meant only for seasoned IMer's I'll keep it easy so the new people can follow along. Step 1: Go To Google type in either inurl: guest post or if your feeling adventurous inurl: write for us Hit enter Having "guest post" in your url would be a good way to...
  20. richdaddy7

    What is the BEST software to Write an Ebook?

    Hi guys, What is the best software to write an Ebook? :)
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