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    Manual Reviews

    Someone has suggested not to cloak at least 2-3 days after campaign is started. I read about it. Few cloakers have opioion that they review your ads manually in 2 -3 days after you create them. Is it true or just a myth? What do you think?
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    Setting Cloaker

    I am using following setting for cloaking. Site A/fake is my fake site that hosts the code Site A/fakelanding is landing for bots Site B My Money Site I am using technique with no redirection. Display url remains same the content is loaded from money site without display url being...
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    Anyone Still Using WPcloaker.com..?

    wordpresscloaker.com, monsterclicks.com, wpcloaker.com are the best things that i know to cloaking page and when wordpresscloaker.com and monsterclicks.com are updating their plugin BUT wpcloaker.com no updating for a year or more i think. Are the latest wpcloaker.com plugin is ok to use right...
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    Doorway Pages and wpCloaker

    Hello everyone! So I've had wpCloaker for a while now, and I've seen people around here using it to make Doorway pages. I have a couple of noob questions. Should I make multiple XXXXXX.wordpress.com blogs? Or would I have to purchase hosting + domains and add WP to each? OR is there an option...
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