wp plugins

  1. ZarofimX

    WP Paying plugin

    Can anyone tell me if there is any wp plugin that i can put on my website for accepting payments with credit/debit cards? Except stripe,skrill, paypal..?
  2. Blogsmith

    Questions Reg Ecommerce + Affiliate Marketing Website

    Want to embark on this money making journey. Following are my questions: 1) I want to establish a WP site on "Mobile Phone" accessories 2) Is it a better idea to build one site with accessories for all kinds of mobile handset types or its better to focus on particular brand/models like: iPh /...
  3. T

    8 Popular WordPress Plugins Are Currently Being Exploited By Hackers

    A new report reveals an increased number of attacks against WordPress sites, all of which exploit security flaws in popular plugins. Many of the attacks against WordPress sites last month involve hackers trying to hijack sites by targeting recently-patched plugin bugs. In other cases...
  4. Rankie

    [GIVEAWAY] Free Digital Assets on Envato Elements including Wp themes, plugins, graphics, videos..

    I'm giving away free items on Envato Elements with up 1,800,000+ assets. Just go to https://elements.envato.com/ then pick the item you need, then send me the link, I will download and send to you.
  5. C

    Must have WordPress plugins?

    Ok. So i have just started a personal finance blog that I plan on making money with through affiliate commissions. I’m just wondering which wp plugins are absolutely necessary such as sitemap plugins, image optimization plugins, link cloaking, and any other plugins that you guys would suggest...
  6. Degen

    Need help with playlist plugin for WP

    I need a playlist plugin for WP Something like Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 what you see often on anime sites.
  7. Affmy

    Best WP Plugins for white SEO

    Guys, let's share what are the best and most useful plugins and methods to use for WordPress websites. I know for sure that 'All-in-One SEO Pack' is really good stuff, especially its social signals section. So, what are your variants?
  8. yachi

    Web Design & Development Services - WordPress, WP Plugins, PHP, CMS, Ecommerce, Bootstrap, HTML5

  9. E

    WP Geo Redirect Plugin

    Hi all is there any wp plugin like pretty link to redirect affiliate links by countries for example .. My link will be: mydomain.com/xyz For USA the link redirect to offer 1 For UK the link redirect to offer 2 For Other countries link redirect to offer 3 thanks for help
  10. T

    Marketing Tools WP Plugin - what do you use?

    Hi chaps, What are the plugin you are using for WP to generate exit offers, pop up offers, countdown bar, peel corner...and all the amazing stuffs that help a website to convert better :-) ? Any chance we can find one that has all these features? Thanks! Cheers!
  11. A

    freewptools activity

    Hi, I came across this website freewptools which I supose many of you already know about. They seem to null wp themes and plugins for educational purposes.. So I was testing a plugin and it seems to contain suspicious base64_decode & eval code, even though this might be the own creators code. Do...
  12. N

    Any Wordpress Plugins Available for Fast Indexing?

    Hi Fellas, The indexing rate for my blog is too slow, It takes 8 to 10 days for a new post to get indexed in google. Any wp-plugins available that speeds up the indexing rate? I know there are some paid indexing services available but I'm looking for a free Plugin that does the job.
  13. Hinkys

    [WordPress] List of awesome free & shared WP plugins

    Hello BHW. Today I figured I could mash up all the possible WP plugins I use / can think of that you will ever need when building your sites. All of them are free, either actually free or shared here on BHW. I don't take any credit other than compiling the list together. Also, I will include a...
  14. D


    I am looking for a free WP PLUGIN that will automaticly update ads from affiliate programs like AMAZON, EBAY, CLICKBANK, or CJ. Idealy I could produced content of a broad nature to cover a micro niche, and the plugin would be always updating the latest models or releases of products talked...
  15. R

    what WP required to boost IM

    Hi, i just want to make some reseacrh about plugins and themes. what is the plugins that you need as IM? probably the plugin that don't exist yet or popular one that you recommend. as IM, what is the most important things tools you need to have? Thanks
  16. ExtremeSEO

    Got Spammers? Fight Back with SpamX - The Blackhat Spam Fighting WP Plugin

    Got spammers? It's now time to fight back using SpamX! ***which is ironic since I am a spammer ;) A simple script that automates the ultimate spammer payback! When a spammer posts a comment, the info is saved to the database. The system then auto-comments/spams their blog/URL and then...
  17. O

    WordPress Plugins I Use

    Hello BHW. I wanted to compile a brief list of WordPress plugins that have helped me out in various ways. Feel free to add to this list, and if you find it helpful.. well, that's the point. :) All in One SEO Pack Date Exclusion SEO Login LockDown Really Simple CAPTCHA XML Sitemap Feed or Google...
  18. wejee

    Deeplink Juggernaught ???

    For anyone who uses and knows about this nice WP-plugin. Where might I find the database of links? I am setting up links within my 10 blogs, and typing in the same keywords and URLs over and over gets a bit redundant. If I where to go into my plugins folder, which subfolder would I copy...
  19. S

    All In One SEO - Auto Complete Plugin

    Is there such a tool or plugin available that will automatically fill in the title, description (possible scrape the first 2/3 lines of each post) & keywords fields from already existent posts? I thinking from an autoblog perspective that you could have such a plugin or tool complete this...
  20. J

    Word Press

    Hi every one i just like to know is it possible to add widgets in appearance section to any free Word press free theme. If Yes please tell me how to do that and from where i can get the additional widgets.
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