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  1. dmister

    Question: What SEO plugins are you using on WP?

    Question on title
  2. WhizBee

    What's the best plugin to have Google Analytics within WordPress?

    Asking this because I found a deal on Lara's Google Analysis Widget. It's offering Unlimited Sites lifetime developer license for $99.99 Link: https://www.xtraorbit.com/wordpress-google-analytics-dashboard-widget/ Discount code: SPECIAL99 By looking at the demo, it does seem fast and...
  3. Rollfic

    Which plugin or builder he is this ?

    Screenshot Which one you think?
  4. Rollfic

    When a plugin gets bugged, what to do?

    Using WP Quiz Pro updated version but on reaching the final question, it is not showing the results. I set to share on FB to see result but after sharing it is not showing the results. I then set to default just show result at the end and still it's not showing. Any help pls.
  5. V

    Which Plugin are this site using?

    I tried finding the plugin used by the site but none of it shows in plug-in detector.(check image) I want to make a product review exactly like this or similar. Does any one know which plug-in can do this? or how to do it manually? I tried using every WP Plugin Detector out there but no one...
  6. Ikram Sial

    (help) Plugin to share post from wp to fb pages ( multiple pages)

    I need a wp plugin that will allow me to share my wp post to all of my fb pages. Thanks in advance
  7. MrValdemar

    Quizzes: Best WP plugin or tool to create quizzes to capture emails

    I want to create a quiz of health/medicine questions/themes in my WP site, whats the best way to do it with the goal of capturing emails of the contestants? Id like it to be free and kind of entertaining/unusual experience for the participants thanks!
  8. cash tribe

    What wp plugins do you use and how much?

    I just want to know what wordpress plugins do y'all use and how many plugins y'all use. I just deleted some plugins and have seen the speed of my blog get a boost. Now the problem is I need a good social sharing plugin as I deleted the last one because it was slowing down my blog. Please help...
  9. TheBizCat

    WordPress Link Shortening Plugin With Custom Referrer Support?

    Hello! I'm currently looking for a WordPress link shortening plugin that will allow me to shorten an affiliate link and set a customized referrer source. Thanks!
  10. T

    Best Social Auto-Post WP Plugin

    Hey guys, Which social Auto- Post Wordpress Plugin do you suggest? I'm using SNAP but it works awful.
  11. pishty

    I need a WordPress plugin or template

    Hi, I need a WordPress plugin or template for my product descriptions. I want to achieve something like the image below - to be editable so I can use it on several products.
  12. Jennifer lopez

    [Looking] for WordPress Quiz Plugin

    Looking to develop Quiz plugin with a twist. I have a php code that can be used or we can take any existing plugin and put up my add-ons. I am not looking for something expensive, but if everything goes smoothly this will be a long time project. Please have enough free time to start working...
  13. F

    Suggest me WP plugin for mass embedded video import please

    Hello, I am kind of a new here so please direct me in the right way if I am being wrong. Can you please suggest me a simple WP-plugin that could help me bulk import embedded videos from open*oad and other video-sharing websites from .CSV or TXT file? I don't need grabber, I have my own list of...
  14. gosorties

    [Required] Facebook Like Jacking.

    I need FB like jacking ninja or anything good. Where to get Facebook Like Jacking FREE?
  15. jani

    Plugin for wp suggestion

    Hi mate, for this url http://meaww (.) com/activities/result/indian_celeb_personality/1256/47051491495196494#_=_ they use FB profile pic and share it on FB as well as wp pages too I am unable to get the plugin can anyone help me with this. this is asking for permission for FB profile...
  16. qazqaz

    Need a paginated gallery post plugin with Adsense placement

    I'll start a WP listicle site with gallery style posts. For example 10 images in a post, but divided 1 image pagination total 10 pages. With a good Adsense placement to get more CTR to ads. And ejecting some ad-only pages would be great. Nextgen Gallery plugin is so complicated and heavy. I...
  17. S

    Using Jetpack sharing buttons ruins your onpage/KW optimization.

    Hi All, I don't post here much, but I thought I'd share this little tidbit I found today. I was auditing the onpage of a site I just started a few weeks ago when I noticed that ALL of the pages had a bunch of words injected into them that had nothing to do with the topic! The terms were...
  18. W

    WP Hide Plugin

    Does anyone uses wp hide plugin? Does any one have it for free? I want to hide my WP on my blog.
  19. T

    Marketing Tools WP Plugin - what do you use?

    Hi chaps, What are the plugin you are using for WP to generate exit offers, pop up offers, countdown bar, peel corner...and all the amazing stuffs that help a website to convert better :-) ? Any chance we can find one that has all these features? Thanks! Cheers!
  20. B

    Wp Plugin question

    Is there a plugin that populates data = generates pages based on industry or location? Something similar to what WP Data Storm did.
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