wp-o-matic error

  1. nikhil88

    get your yahoo pipes to work with wp-o-matic

    good day members heres how to get yahoo pipes working with wp-o-matic 1.set up the campaign as usual 2.go to your MySQL data base and browse the 'campaign_table' 3.edit the feed url by removing "amp;" part for example this is what the feed in the table will look like...
  2. fakeplastictrees

    WP-O-Matic:Help Please!

    So I installed WP correctly, set up the cronjob, added 3 feeds from go*ogle's blog search for my selected keywords, and....nothing. I even set it to fetch every 1 minute, just so something shows up, but while it says it fetches the feed it doesn't create any posts! I get no error message...
  3. S

    wp-o-matic fatal error

    Hi, I've tried finding info on this error I'm receiving every time I try to activate the wp-o-matic plug in. anyone with info on why I'm having this error would be greatly appreciated. The error reads as follows, with my link address removed. Warning...
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