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  1. C

    Help ,page doesnt load

    Hello I have a big problem...i know its not blackhat stuff,but i hope someone can help me. My wordpress blogs sometimes doesnt load with 'www' only with h.t.t.p:.// Sometimes non of them works the only way to reach the blog is a link.. What can be the problem...and how can i fix it...
  2. B

    Want site/blog Ripped, Spun and Upld $30

    Hi there I want the following site ripped, spun and re uploaded using my CB links cloaked as per the site below cbelectriccar.c0m We want the optin forms just like the above url (both left hand side and flyin from bottom) and configured to getresponse (I have set up a new account with get...
  3. positivcriss

    I'm plan to make WP autoblog

    Hi, Ok, I'm planning to start a WP autoblog. I need some informations like : - from where i can get an domain and how much it will cost ( i need to pay/ month or /year ? ) - from where i can get host for my autoblog ( best deal, how much it will cost /month or /year...i don't know how...
  4. L

    Getting a WP blog to not look like a blog?

    I want to use WP for my website. But I dont want it looking like a blog. Not to much like a blog anyway. I want to be able to put posts at paces where i choose them to be. Like one post i want to always be on top. Another i want to always be number 2 and so on. How can I do this? Anyone...
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