1. zxfk3r


    Hi guys. I've been fooling around here for 2-3 months, exploring and silent reading... It's so good to know that this kind of world exists. BTW My SEO Job brought me here... Sorry for the title. I just got your clicks! !! SO I DECIDED TO JOIN !! I feel like, I will learn more while...
  2. D

    I need real user information fomart: Name | Adress | DOB

    I need infor fomart: Name | adress | dob Ib me: @cle83
  3. Queen Heidi

    If you could live anywhere , where would it be ?

    TITLE -queen heidi : )
  4. Josh Saga

    Vanity is definitely my favorite sin.

    "Dear, It's so basic, self-love; the all-natural opiate. You know, it's not that you didn't care for Anyone, Dear. It's just that you were a little bit more involved with someone else: yourself." -Al Pacino as Satan (call him Dad); The Devils Advocate (1997) --------------------- Amazing how...
  5. belleXmedia

    Introductory post

    Hi, this is a good forum, where I want to start a venture. Currently looking PIC sets and how to grow Instagram! Glad to be part of a big family!
  6. RanQ Higher

    Do you believe the world will end in 2020?

    If anybody asks you about 2020, the most probable answers will be 'it's terrible', 'worst year ever', or 'let it end soon'. But you know what's the most horrible news is? The Mayan calendar was wrong and the world will 'END' next week on June 21, warns conspiracy theorists! :( How would you...
  7. RanQ Higher


    WHAT IF MONEY DISAPPEARS ONE FINE DAY? Just imagine that what will happen if money will be vanished like people by Thanos snap? ;) The world will be with no banks, no cash, no wages, no debts, ... and nothing. That will be a world of fortune and a world of equality. From that day onward...
  8. CreativeDaddy

    I want to help the World and I need Your help - Journey

    Howdy! When I has 8 years old, i used to build cars and helis with those little electrical car motor. Always loved to build those things. So recently I have been thinking about starting a project with 3D Printing. This technology opens a lot of doors and opportunities to a lot of sectors. A...
  9. InnovativeSEO

    WHO officials warn health systems are ‘collapsing’ under coronavirus

    WHO officials warn health systems are ‘collapsing’ under coronavirus: ‘This isn’t just a bad flu season’ World Health Organization officials warned Friday against dismissing the coronavirus that’s swept across the globe as just a bad outbreak of the flu. Mike Ryan, executive director of the...
  10. CreativeDaddy

    Is China burning infected bodies?

    Recently I've saw a lot of posts about this matter I have some valuable information of countries without deaths but there is, a lot. When i say valuable is from health professionals. What the hell is going on? I'm in my vacation house, got supplies for at least 6 months. Found this article...
  11. R698

    Hello bhw, please advice:)

    Most of us earn money online and work remotely. It is interesting to ask who lives where. Someone may know countries that accept other citizens and create good conditions for freelancing. Maybe there is a world capital of freelancers somewhere in the world, maybe there will even be a sea and...
  12. akshay_saini

    Is it true climate change will cause the end of civilisation by 2050?

    What do you think…
  13. N


    Hello world. Dropping my first 2 lines here.
  14. madakalark

    World data.. Collection.

    Hi guys, Where can I get world data... Related like all kind on population, education, profits like this. Please let me know Thanks
  15. kindablack

    In which country would you like to live?

    If you could live in any country unconditionally, which country would you like to live in?
  16. AuraMarketing

    One Link to Donation Page

    While creating web2.0s, PBNs, articles or any other backlink property, we mostly link out to some authority sites. Now, if out of those authority sites, if we can include one link to a donation site (the one you know is doing good work or one in your niche maybe - cloth donation, electronic...
  17. O

    Searching Detailed World War 2 Statistic

    As in the title l am searching for World War 2 statistics but l am searching for which country used how many bullets , how much woundeds they got or how much money they spend for the war , not like just number of soldiers etc. could you please help me about it. Wish you all a great day!
  18. webstrategyviking

    It's not rocket science but if this isn't #richpeopleproblems then IDK what is

    It's not rocket science but it fucking suckssssss. (BTW not shilling anything, this is my Hello World post) I've had a 95% close rate getting people interested in pay per lead contracts. Talking "400% Return on Ad Spend", charging people 10% of what their gross revenue would be, for a name...
  19. D

    BlackHat World Error

    Hello, guys, I am trying to share some content at the Members Download Section but when I post OneDrive or Mega link I keep getting this error message: Your content can not be submitted. This is likely because your content is spam-like or contains inappropriate elements. Please change your...
  20. BlackCloud84

    Hello World

    Long time lurker and used a lot of helpful tips to start my website. Hope to get to know you all.
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