world of warcraft

  1. deathass01

    Game Gold Farming?

    Hey All, Just wondering if anyone on here is doing it, I've seen posts recently on some OSRS botting websites of people fetching up to $2k per day from the bot farms that they are running, It would be very interesting to know the income if people are doing this as a full-time job, or side...
  2. Mr.Bones

    World of Warcraft Classic selling gold?

    It's not exactly a new market, but it kind of is since Classic has come back out. Has anyone been doing this? Any tips to do it safely? I am working towards trying it myself. Will share a journey if it goes well.
  3. P

    Where Can I Sell My World of Warcraft Account?

    World of Warcraft is an incredible game however it is just too addictive and time consuming for me. I got back into WoW about a year ago after not playing for quite some time. I now have four geared up level 90s and a bunch of other toons as well. I have decided to sell my account however it...
  4. K

    World of Warcraft General

    Has anybody had any recent success making money IN GAME with WoW? (gold farming, selling accounts ect.) I haven't played in around 3-4 years and just reactivated my account and was curious if this game still has any potential to make money off of it. I'm sure some WoW sites, blogs rake in a...
  5. BlackHatSoda

    Do you LOVE World of Warcraft? Can you write?

    I'm looking for one, possibly two good content writers to create content for a WoW blog and a WoW guide site. You must be an active, experienced player and have good writing skills. You don't have to know Wordpress, HTML or how to use a graphics editor but if you do that's a plus. Please...
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