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  1. simno

    Wordpress Multi Site Domain Parking. Please Help!

    Hi, I was looking for information about domain parking in wordpress MU all day. I want to park other domain to my child site. I found MU Domain plugin, but it can't help me. I don't know how to do A records and CNAME. My cpanel don't have those things. There are only 'pointer to domain'. I am...
  2. N

    Wordpress MU Sign Up

    Hey, I am looking to sign up to multiple wordpress Multi-user blogs. I wonder what tools can be used to make this job easier. Are there sign up bots available? Can I use AMR or other tools? Thanks
  3. L

    [GET] List of Wordpress MU websites

    I found this list. Some links doesnt work. Feel free to share it! http://seo-x.org/wp-signup.php http://brokers.centrro.com/wp-signup.php http://arcade.com/wp-signup.php http://www.gratuitcfree.com/wp-signup.php http://blogs.chatting.com/wp-signup.php http://tasdac.org/wp-signup.php...
  4. C

    Buy Commercial Wordpress MU software

    Dear Blackhaters, Looking for a commercial software like that of wordpress mu. I want to start a website for different schools with one installation handling the sub-domains or sub-directories of the schools. I do not want to go for the commercial wordpress MU. Has anybody gotten any script...
  5. T

    Wordpress MU sites for backlink building

    Hi, I just learnt today that creating a wordpress MU site is a great way for backlink building but have not found that much information on the net on the subject and was wondering whether anyone of you out there could spread some light on the subject. How do Wordpress MU sites work? When I...
  6. L

    I am buying WPMU lists for using with LFE

    Hello, i would like to buy WPMU lists for using with Link Farm Evolution, i'm not gonna spam them to death, will build not more then 4-5 blogs per month. im looking for as much as possible WPMU sites you can get, and i need good success rate. let me know your prices and amount Thanks,
  7. C

    [Help] Wordpress MS (MU) changing all the sites theme

    Hi, I have a blog network of about 1000+ sites using Wordpress MS (MU I guess it used to be called). I am not too familiar with it, I am just playing around with it, so I am not sure if the following can be done. I want to change every sites theme to another one. I just want to...
  8. I

    Need Help on Wordpress MU

    Here are the questions : 1.Will all autoblog plugins work with Wordpress MU ? 2.Will all plugins work individually for each Subdmoain created using MU ? 3.Have any one used MU for AUtoblogging ? and how is the result so far ? 4.Can i use individual but totally different microniche for each...
  9. crazyflx

    Any Body Know Where I Can Get a List of These...I'd Even Pay for Them!

    I'm looking for a list of sites running the Wordpress MU plug in. You know, the one where you can sign up for your own blog on their site. The sign up page URL's typically look like this: examplesite.com/wp-signup.php But, so many people have changed the sign up page that it is difficult to...
  10. DeadEyesOpened

    Yahoo Pipes output into Wordpress or X-site Pro

    Ok, I've been reading about Yahoo Pipes, seems like a great idea, especially if combined with Wordpress MU or the X-Site Pro 2 training available elsewhere on BHW , could be really powerful stuff if applied correctly. I can make the sort of Pipes that I want, and they look great when I run...
  11. G

    Virtual Multiblog Alternative to Wordpress MU???

    Has any serious AutoBlogger / Blog Farmer played around with this thing? h**p://striderweb*com/nerdaphernalia/features/virtual-multiblog/ This seems like it has lots of potential but I'm wondering if it really works well without investing a ton of time to read through everything. Can anyone...
  12. entreprenuer

    <How can I find WORDPRESS MU sites?>

    I want to use wordpress Mu sites to post articles pointing my site to get more traffic. How can I find wordpress MU sites? Do you know of any high ranking ones? Is there a software that can automatically post articles to wordpress mu sites?
  13. M

    How to use Unique article wizard (UAW) with WpMu

    Hi all, this is my first post on BHW. I decided to throw this up after having seen a few people complain about wordpress Mu and UAW. This guide pertains to linux servers. All you need is a few tweaks. That's it...should work. Now, go ahead an create multi blogs on the fly. Enjoy...
  14. P

    WordPress MU Question

    All, Couple of questions... 1) Anyway I can activate plugins automatically when a new blog is created? 2) Anyway I can assign a random theme to the new blog (obviously from the ones on the folder) Any help would be appreciated...thanks
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