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  1. sansarahub

    We Will Build Responsive WordPress Websites At Very Competitive Price | Starting From Just $150

    Portfolios: WordPress Portfolios 1. https://bacc.cc/ 2. https://thisisadvantage.com/ 3. https://www.bemighty.com/ - (E-commerce) 4. https://itshop.qa/ - (E-commerce) 5. https://bee-logistic.net/ Shopify Portfolios 1. http://nextproductusa.com/ 2. https://treehut.co/ 3. https://www.sharaffa.com/...
  2. rajputt65

    Looking for Cheap and Best Wordpress Developer for Micro Niche Sites.

    Hey all, I'm looking for wordrpress developer for custom micro-niche sites with the download intent i.e games, apps. softwares etc. Sites should be clean and light for fast loading. Please quote me the rates and times by doing PM me. Domains and hosting will be my concern. Thanks.
  3. B

    What Blackhat Plugin is That?

    This thread was the closest topicwise for this.. please bear with me.. I'm looking for a plugin that auto refreshes published dates for posts and pages. Say for instance, I have a post published way back whence in 2016, and I want the post to look current, so this plugin automatically refreshes...
  4. Kam88

    Any WP Plugin Developers?

    I'm currently using the Dokan Multi-Vendor Business plugin, it's a great plugin but doesn't meet my expectations. I was wondering if anyone here was capable of developing a multivendor type plugin?
  5. seangugerty

    My Web Development/SEO/Social Media Marketing(Since June of 2016)

    My experience with computers at the start was what I thought to be pretty advanced due to a lot of linux, a couple of local lamp stack sites, and intermediate penetration testing (I used to loved borrowing wifi and practicing middle man attacks on LAN sue me lol) The first thing I learned was...