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  1. doepjohn

    Wordpress Comment Booster - Bulk Create & Schedule Comments+Replies | Boost Engagement + Trust

  2. L

    Jumbasubmit or Scrapebox for noob

    Jumbasubmit or Scrapebox, which would you recommend for a starter like me?
  3. C

    [GET] Free Wordpress Scraper-Commenter v0.2b

    Hey guys I created this new thread so that everyone is talking about the same version. All previous comments/suggestions that have not been applied in this version are still remembered. I also created some instruction videos for this version since people requested them so I hope you find them...
  4. J

    One Click Wordpress Comment Poster

    Hello Blackhatters, I have build a software which I call Comment Browser what basically does is allow you to post comments easily in any of the wordpress blogs. First of all what you do is start a project and enter your spinned details ( like name, email, url, comment ) then you browse the net...
  5. S

    Free Blog Commenting Software,fully automated

    Hi, I have made a Blog commenting php script and I want to share it with you all for free. This script is 100 percent free. Instructions for use. 1.Extract commenter.zip 2.It will contain 3 files (adresslist.txt, autocommenter.php and main.html) 3.Put the blogs list in adresslist.txt, Please...