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  1. ZEESoft Custom Web Development_Thread Design_Final File_02-01-min.jpg

    ZEESoft Custom Web Development_Thread Design_Final File_02-01-min.jpg

  2. N

    How to make cricket website using WordPress with (wp automatic) plugin

    Hi , actually I want to make an cricket event website, I want I fetch post and live streaming from crichd.live , please guide how can I make the website, and how fetch specific content from the site
  3. Johnpeterburs

    Decent & Compact Wordpress theme on the Planet for Blogging

    Hi, I've been looking for a WordPress theme to host blogging for multiple different niches on many websites. It should be light and compact, also SEO friendly with easy publishing. Shoot the recommendations.
  4. Enlightened Orangutan

    How to prevent wordpress search spam??

    Spammers are hitting search bar on my site with long string of texts containg their domain address. The thing is google picked it and now showing these search results on search console index report. Even though there is noindex tag, google bot is still following this search url strings. I think...
  5. sam177

    Advice for adding a search box to WP page

    I want to add a search box on a single wp page. When someone enters a number, it needs to display an answer pertaining to the number that I predefined. What is the best way to do this Is there any plugin to do this I am not familiar with codings I googled it but couldn't find a better...
  6. vicky110

    My ✅Ecommerce ✅Shopify ✅web design services + your real paying ✅Customers

    I am looking for a partner who can get customers to my website design service, You will drive traffic / Customers and help us make sales, I will do all the web design work. We share the profit 50/50
  7. Purush

    wordpress auto internal link creation? Which plugin you recomend.

    Hello Friends, Anybody using it. I though of using the below link also worried about going overdo when we go by automation. Whats your take on it. https://wordpress.org/plugins/internal-links/
  8. Enlightened Orangutan

    How can I achieve this in a Virtual Silo Site?

    I restructured my old wordpress site into silo. Now I want to show breadcrumbs in my site. Since I don't want to mess with link structure I used plain virtual silo structure for siloing. I am using pages for parent pages instead of category pages. I don't want to use 301 in categories. How can...
  9. S

    SSL for mobile

    Hello guys! I activated in my C Panel the SSL sertificates but they’re working only on desktop. If i Access my website from mobile it says “unsecured” in the link. Do you know how to secure this for mobile platform? Do you know any plugin for wp? Thank you
  10. F

    Wordpress and CPA

    For those who have word press blogs, do you use banners in your CPA offers? I wasn't sure if I would be more effective if I put texts links for my CPA offers? I really would like to find somebody to teach me CPA. I'm not looking to make a ton of money. I work full time and I would be satisfied...
  11. wejee

    Duplicating a WordPress Page to Rank

    This is a long story, but... I have a page that ranks (first published in 2013) that keeps breaking some script for a survey. I remember the guy who did the script uploaded a php page rather than just creating a new WP page. I have the script on a regular WP page, and it works fine (but this...
  12. F

    Site Map for Wordpress Blog

    I understand that blogging has changed and the way that Google looks at her websites. Is a site map necessary for a WordPress blog? If so what's the best site map to install on our blogs? Thanks much and I appreciate the help.
  13. F

    What is the fastest Word Press hosting that you use?

    What is the fastest Word Press hosting that you use? Some of the ones I have used in the past, are just so slow. I really appreciate any feedback.
  14. Click99

    Buy premium Theme or Themeforest subscription ?

    So I am learning WordPress to take action on my SEO skills. I have a plan to to build a blog to learn SEO and then plan to two websites, one agency and one niche. My budget will include hosting, articles and more, so you understand. So my question about themes is should I buy a theme that may...
  15. P

    How many keywords can I optimize my home page for?

    I have a 9 year old world press site that gets decent traffic my question is what is the maximum amount of key words I can optimize my home page for? Any help or advice appreciated thanks.
  16. info.seeker

    Looking for a cheap shared web hosting provider

    Guys, i just wanna set up a WP site for a small project. what is the cheapest shared web hosting provider you can recommend at the moment? Thanks
  17. F

    Liquid Web Question

    Does anybody use liquid lab for their web hosting needs? I signed up for free trial and is for unlimited WordPress sites. After the free trial, it's $100 a month for unlimited sites. This seems extreme price wise. However, I noticed a big difference on how my WordPress sites are loading. Is...
  18. L

    Does retro tube wp-script have rights to remove logo?

    Hello everyone, I am using retro tube from wp script in my adult website and I see that I have great results from this plugin. But I am afraid that it may violates the rules because it removes the logos and right of the other website like xvideos etc. Can somebody tell me if this is allowed...
  19. ussef

    How do I speed up a WordPress website?

    how can i speed up my wordpress website ??!
  20. T

    Word press plug in to remove malware?

    Just wanted to know if there was a word press plug in that would remove malware from a word press site? Any help appreciated thanks
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