wise accounts

  1. N

    Wise account type for Ezoic/Mediavine

    Does anyone have real life knowledge would it be possible to receive earnings from Ezoic/MediaVine to Wise personal account or is it necessary to open business account for that?
  2. vassom

    HELP | Need a Virtual bank account for LTD

    Hi, as you know, it's impossible to get a bank account as a non-UK resident, even virtual banks like Starling Bank, Monzo, monese, N26 , ANNA .....don't accept non-residents, WISE is not an option anymore because of the Waitlist, the main reason why I want a virtual account is for payment...
  3. P

    Looking for Wise Personal and Business Accounts? Read this first.

    I first posted this on a WTB forum, but realised that others might benefit from it if I post here. I would also love to hear from other members of BHW. After a long and arduous journey, I managed to buy a Wise Business Account for 2.5k US. This is quite expensive to me, but I haven’t been...
  4. T

    Getting payment to Wise account without paying tax

    Hi all I live in Poland and already work with an employment contract for another company registered in Poland. But I recently started to work for an Ireland company as a contractor. And I offered my Armenia TIN number to sign work agreement with this irish company while living in Polan, and they...
  5. B

    Hello everyone ! i'm IT engeener and i want to make som money online

    hello, first of all like i said im IT i build networks for grocerys or agencys ( switch, cables and other stuff that you already know ) i always wanted to grow multiple e commerces in my country but it's an african country so it's not that profitable so i want to maybe grow so buisness out my...
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