1. ggvbro

    bookmark popup possible?

    hey guys, i'm wondering if there is a way to make a popup windows to ask visitor to bookmark my website?? if it's possible how i can make it please ? thanks in advance :)
  2. crystalwiz

    RAM: How Large is your Windows VPS and Laptop's RAM?

    Guys, some experience please... How large is the RAM of your windows VPS and Laptop RAM? How fast are they in your daily digital marketing operations (averagely) I have a 4gb RAM VPS, and 4gb RAM laptop.. seems slow now due to many cloud-based projects.
  3. crystalwiz

    Free Window VPS lifetime?

    I need a free window VPS lifetime. Not trial version. "LIFE-TIME". It doesn't matter if it's just 250 Ram or 512 Ram. Also doesn't matter if it has only 5 GB storage capacity.
  4. B

    Easy to use residental proxy tool

    Hello! I need solution similar to VPN services out there. Must be easy to use (can be hard to configure however) 1)I download&install windows application 2)Login 3)Choose country, click connect 4)Get different IP every time However I need big IP pool, 100+ different IPs per country (EU only)...
  5. Snoopp

    How to show Offer in full size

    Let say we have a PopUp LP in PPV network and it's linked to the Offer page. What script I should use to open Offer page in full sized window when my PopUp LP is only about 775x400 px ? I'd like to achieve sth like this: PopUP LP (750x400px) ---click----redirect+resize---> Offer page...
  6. peterbruce

    Don't open new window

    Basic question. How do I edit this to STOP the new window opening? <p align="center"> <a target="_blank" class="fw_link_website fw_link_newWindow" href=""><img src="" alt="buy...
  7. M

    free pop-up window help!

    Wasssup, im tryign to get an automatic window that pops up when somebody loads my site. I want one that I can put my cpa advertisements on it. Im currently using weebly as my host so im probly going to need a html code or somthing. Can anybody plzz help me? Thanks!! p.s. not sure if this was...
  8. M

    HTML pop-up window

    Hey BHW, im currently using weebly as a host for one of my websites. Now i want to get a window to pop up automatically when somebody views my website. There is a html feature for weebly i can use to do this but im not quite sure if im doing it right since its not working. PLZZZZZZ HELP!!! the...
  9. W

    WIN32 Window Handler v2

    Added: * Password handle * Text input retrieval #include "Handling.h" handler Handling; //================================================================================ void handler::savePosition( int x, int y, int w, int h, int number ) { cHandler[ number ].x = x; cHandler[...