wholesale cellphone

  1. Shadow Mike

    Where to buy wholesale cellphones?

    Hi there, Do you guys know of any good place where I can buy +100 cellphones in Europe ? I have been looking at DHGate, AliExpress, Amazon, and specialized stores, but I can't find any place where they can provide me the quantity of cellphones I need in the required time. If there was a place...
  2. A

    >>>>wholesale - product ready GOODS for moneysite <<<<

    If you are planning to launch a ecommerce site, i can provide you the product directly from my factory in China. We are currently running two websites one for fashion one for electronic. We can offer all electronic appliances : Laptop Smartphone Iphone Photograph Sd card/mini SD USK key...
  3. V

    Very Confused About This BlackBerry Storm

    I have been looking up information all day about the BlackBerry Storm 9500. I have seen websites offering it for $300 - $700 There were 22 bids at the price of $660 on Ebay The Verizon website lists the phone at $250. $200 WITH a contract renewal. I found a wholesaler selling this...