1. IamNRE

    African doctor saves 90% of his covid19 patients with new procedure

    But because of provenance & prejudice other doctors & WHO refusing to recommend the procedure, even though it could save 100s of thousands of lives. The death rate for people on ventilator is 50% or worse, its also way more costly and requires oxygen that is running out in certain areas like...
  2. RanQ Higher

    F*king Corona - Lockdown again?!

    Looking at the current Corona figures, it's not so easy to pass up ... not just in India but around the world !! It really is a f*king scenario everywhere in the world! Has the second wave already begun? What's really going on? WHO organization says; Each of us will definitely be affected by...
  3. RanQ Higher

    "It's time for pulling out all the stops" - says WHO leader

    I am really concerned about this.... getting scared to know the tracks of Coronavirus day by day. It's globally spreading now and the USA in its 8th position. The pandemic official toll is nearing to 100000, ~98381 confirmed cases globally & 3383 deaths :( The relaxed thing is... 55418 cases...
  4. bbbb bbbb

    how do i upload pictures on here??

    Its says image url....what does this exaclty mean?? i cant upload from my computer?? where do i get the url from, what site should i upload my pictures on to share on BHW??
  5. bbbb bbbb

    (HELP) Im trying to find a Audio Player for wordpress like this one??

    I just need a point in the right direction on finding this audio player/seller for my very own beat site...Wordpress site