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  1. I Am Batman

    [Nedd help] Big Problem with Keyword Cannibalization

    So today, I looked at my 1-year-old site. I just realized that for articles on the homepage, 80% Google showed my homepage instead of my articles for the keywords I want to rank on these articles. This is because I put the keyword in the title, but that is what most people do. I don't know why...
  2. ensky

    How to evaluate the value of the backlinks?

    I thought some values for the backlinks, does it right? 1. DR, flow the link juice. 2. Tell google the relevance. The backlink's article is relevant to my site. Because google will show the most relevant result, the backlinks may prove this relevant. 3. Get traffic from the backlinks. What...
  3. A

    Where to buy blogs.bu.edu EDU email?

    I wan to buy one student email account? this edu:https://blogs.bu.edu/ Where to buy it?
  4. E

    What's the APL link?

    Hi guys, Do you know what the APL link is? I didn't find the information about it. Thanks in advance
  5. E

    Need any advice about the website

    Hi guys, I hope everything is going well with you. Recently, I bought a hosting plan from namecheap and created a wordpress website in the field of fitness. But now, I don't know what type of content I should write. Should I research some long tail keywords at first? I really appreciate you...
  6. JR_03

    How accurate is duplichecker.com ?

    I'm not affiliated with (duplichecker.com) in any ways, just a newbie question :D
  7. jeanfrank

    Some of indexed pages have disappeared

    Hi, guys We have an e-commerce website, which has more than 8K indexed pages on Google. But when I entered the keyword on Google, for ex. site:www.xxxx.com, It only has 2,700 results. Did you encounter this problem? Thanks in advance
  8. K

    How to evaluate whether a website is worth working with?

    The Ahrefs rank / DR of this site looks low, but the organic traffic looks good, is it worth working with it? The owner ask us to give him a $1000+ product for a review.
  9. T

    Should I add 1 million new pages on my website?

    Hello, I have a B2B niche website, and my manager wants to add more pages there. Those new pages will be about every company we have in our data. Example: www.mywebsite.com/othercompany, www.mywebsite.com/othercompany1 etc. Is it a good idea for white SEO?
  10. jeanfrank

    How to get more followers for reddit group?

    Hi, guys I created a Reddit group, but you know, there are no followers now. I tried to message directly to some people, but few people responded to me. I'm confused about how I should get more followers. Do you have a better solution? Thanks in advance
  11. jeanfrank

    How to get more backlinks from others' websites?

    Hi guys, Are there other methods to get backlinks from others' websites besides the guest post? For example, I want to get 1000 backlinks one week, but I don't want to use black hat techniques. Your suggestion is essential for me! Thanks in advance
  12. jeanfrank

    Do you guys buy the image hot spotter?

    Hi guys, Do you purchase this plugin for your website? I have noticed some sites use this tool for the images. When you click the product on the image you want, It will redirect to other stores. It's amazing. I mean if you purchased this tool? How about it? Thanks advance
  13. F

    New porn site journey, 400 organic after 1.5 months, but now?

    Hi there! After more than a year spent studying, taking information, trying and trying again with my first generic porn site (Failing) I came to open a new niche porn site, I work a lot on SEO and I think it's well done, created few backlinks at the moment. In short, I see organic user from...
  14. Adilpro

    local ranking on Alexa

    Hi those last days I see a lot of links ranked locally (Morocco) in Alexa better than Youtube or Facebook or Avito. even if some of them are new created !! Is it a seo secret method ( free or paid) or just working on backlinks and keywords o_O ?!
  15. T

    what is this i am working on one keyword with hi da link building but ranking is going down

    Please suggest me one thing i am not getting i am working on which keyword site ranking is going down
  16. D

    Can we use brand names in new websites ?

    Hi Everyone, Lets assume there is big brand namely Vizio. Is it feasible to create a website like viziosupport.com or viziotechnicalsupport.com? Will Google take it down considering brand name, although the website clearly mentioning a third party venture? Also, if created then what should...
  17. Frankkk

    Which pages must be noindex?

    Hello BHW friends, I'd like to talk about which pages usually you put as noindex in Google? At the moment I have putted as "noindex,nofollow", Privacy Policy, About us, Contact. What is your opinion about this? Thank you, Frankkk
  18. BlueSteven

    Is it still useful to write blog in my website?

    Hi, as a newbie, I always want to ask questions about anything I have no idea. Recently, I have start my blog writing plan. Yes, the www.xxxx.com is my website and I try to sell some products to gain profits. The blog is built under www.xxxx.com/blog where I publish my posts. The articles are...
  19. U

    Looking for motivated partner to build SEO Site on Top Premium Domain

    Hey I have a very premium SEO Domain worth over $XX,XXX (2 Words) That can be brandable in a very unique way and look like a million dollar business (similiar to TheHOTH) I am checking if there is a motivated partner with SEO Experience who wants to build the website and brand it and share...
  20. anishpdsah1

    Rank On Google Without Building Links in under $100 [ White-Hat SEO 2017 ]

    Keyword Stuffing is long gone. If you want to stay safe, always say NO to keyword stuffing. But, what's the solution then? If keyword stuffing doesn't work, what does? Here's what works in 2017, and will work for ever!! It's the use "LSI Keywords" in your article. I've been experimenting on...
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