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  1. SEO Grand Room

    Understanding Bounce Rate - Improve the users engagement with your website

    Are you running a website for B2B or B2C businesses? Generating traffic is easier than engaging with people. In analytics terminology, it is called as Bounce Rate. How does the analytics determine the Bounce rate? How far the users interacting with the website How long the users spending on...
  2. J

    Web Dev - Asked to do an SEO job

    Hey guys I potentially have a client who is wanting to have a full SEO overhaul on there website. I understand there is on and off site SEO. As I have little experience with what SEO actually consists of nowadays I was wondering if there was anyone on here who is willing to share some points on...
  3. Dexter Kohli

    What are the off-page SEO techniques that still work like a charm in 2018?

    Try to mention all those activities which you think still do bring results, don't mention activities like directory submissions which you feel no longer work in 2018.