1. M

    Popup's on websites discount codes.

    I went on to a website today and 2 popups came up, the first one was just a normal newsletter sign up but the second one was for a discount code, when you enter your email a wheel spins and it gives you your result such as 10% off total order, I noticed that one of the sections on the wheel was...
  2. codeman1234

    Tiered 1 or 2 Links or Wheel of links?

    Hello, After last update of 22 of May do Tier 1, Tier 2 or links wheel are those Technics still working or Google can find out? Thanks, Codeman
  3. D

    Need your opinion on my script

    Hello guys! I'm a little new frenchi there, and i'd like to thanks all the community for your help and the ressources i have found here! In need your pro's advices/opinion/help on a script i'm writing. The goal: Many employees will add product on a many differents websites, i want to develop...
  4. bannedfree

    Big G's new Wonderful Wheel

    I don't know if everybody had notice it but I want to share to share to everyone what I have notice with Big G's search engine. It has a new tool called "Wonder Wheel". What it does is that it kindda help you search/suggest keyword that are close to the keyword that you are using. It even...
  5. imperial109

    [GET] Linkwheels explained

    I'm fairly new here and took me a while to find out what linkwheels are. Well, I've done my research and came across this. It's easy to understand and may clear up some of your doubts. Enjoy!
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