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    Hello guys!

    I'm a little new frenchi there, and i'd like to thanks all the community for your help and the ressources i have found here!

    In need your pro's advices/opinion/help on a script i'm writing.

    The goal: Many employees will add product on a many differents websites, i want to develop a script which promote the product's U.R.L.
    Each product is posted at a different website at first, and is relayed on many other e-commerces websites, marketplaces, ...

    I want to write here the script that'll promote the products via blog/digglikes/...

    So, i draw this UML diagram:

    (In blue, the module that are already developed)

    The idea:
    - The employee add a product, title, metas and description of the product are passed to a "broadcaster" class which call:
    - (Facultative) a scrapper, bringing more paragraphs/sentences to the product's content
    - A spinner (actually via the Spinner Chief's API, but i'd like to make my own)
    - An Asseter, which call web api's (youtube, bing, ...) to catch videos/images and insert them randomly in the spinned content, and add links to the product's page/product's website

    The broadcaster then post the article:
    - On blogs (thematic blogs that i'd created manualy)
    - On blogs (non-thematic that i'd created manualy)
    - On splogs
    - On other's people blog's comments
    - On digglikes (promoting the blog's articles URLs)
    - On social medias (Twitter, ... via randomly pre-created accounts)

    By the way, the Broadcaster is even called once a day to post on each blog a randomly catched article on the web (by thematic or not) which follow the same processus, to be sure blog's content isn't only reliable to product's urls

    On each product, the Broadcaster choose randomly the blogs to target for the articles, to be sure it's not even the sames blogs that promote the same website, and each blogs promote different websites.

    I'll develop a Control class which give to the employee the oportunity to check the generated contents before they're broadcasted.

    I want your help here to:
    - Have your opinion on the way i'm doing it
    - Have your ideas an the scripts which can help me to gain time/quality
    - Have your ideas on the others targets (blogs/digglikes/SM) i can use to promote products/blog's articles
    - Have your ideas on the way the website/blogs/digglikes/... should promote each other (unidirectional? bidirectional?)

    I'm developing it in PHP/shell, any API may be PHP friendly ;)

    Many thanks in advance!


    Ps: I'm so sorry for my English, i do my best ;) apologies

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    I've forgot some things:
    - I'd like to use as more free tool as possible
    - The processus may be as automated as possible
    - I can share the script when it'll be finished to people that want to, and had help me here ;)
    - The processus is automaticly delayed in time (the product is posted at day 0, the blogs's post at day 0/1/2, the digglikes's/... at day 1/2/...)
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