whatsapp bot

  1. D'Dark

    I'm looking for a bulk messaging bot for whatsapp

    I know there are several out there, but I've already bought and tested several, I want something that works, and doesn't generate so many bans and delays, maybe you already have one ready, I'm interested! I need something that works with big streams without loss
  2. onlinebusinessgr

    WhatsApp Shilling Bot - Marketing Tool - Auto Reply - Bulk Group Join - Bulk Sender

    With WhatsApp Shilling Bot you can send automatically unlimited messages to your groups and contacts/customers, join automatically in groups, grab contacts, auto reply and a lot of other tools that you will help you grow your crypto project. The bot working on windows system only. If you have...
  3. S

    Whatsapp, skype, telegram content read + put it in txt

    Hello! Do you have any idea how can I collect all incoming message in skype, whatsapp and telegram to a common .txt file? I wanna catch these details to a.txt file in real time: platform /date/ time / sender ID/ message Thanks!
  4. Andrewbar

    Looking for whatsapp autoresponder bot

    Hey everyone, I am looking for a whatsapp autoresponder that sends a few spinned messages to every new person that messages me. I need a bot that doesn't need any emulators to run. Does anyone know a bot that can do this, paid or free?
  5. G

    WhatsApp software to extract user profile picture

    • please see attached photo for visual explanation • does anyone know of a method to extract user profile photos from contacts • By default the photos are low resolution thumbnails & you must click each one manually to view as high resolution • This manual method takes far too long when...
  6. NawtyBoy

    Any Reliable Bulk WhatsApp Sending Software

    Yes, can anyone recommend me any Bulk WhatsApp Sending Software. Which is reliable and is updated regularly. The one in the BHW marketplace isn't working i guess as the OP is not responding in his thread. Thank you.
  7. Chiku Arsen

    Is there a whatsapp bot ??

    I'm looking for a WhatsApp bot to scrape the numbers from a group and send mass messages. Is there any bot that you know of?
  8. D

    ✅Unlimited ✅ WhatsApp Messages ✅ Sending Service ✅

    FAQ: Q) Are there any Coupons/Discounts/Offers? A) Our service is quite unique so we don't plan on doing that, instead, we'll keep the pricing bare minimum. Though if somehow we offer anything in the future, it'll be openly showcased on our website. Q) Do you support white labeling/resellers...
  9. AleksRempleng

    I will check your numbers and find who is registered at WhatsApp. Free

    Hello reader. I decided to start my second trip and help a little each participant who needs my help. You could already see me on my other journey: To read I do this (mobile advertising, sending messages to WhatsApp and telegrams) Now I want to offer you my help, I can check your list of...
  10. Digital Lead

    Whatsapp Unlimited Auto Bulk Sender Software - Normal & PRO Version | No Longer Need Channels

    Get 10 blasting credit when you purchase $1 Wappsend PRO Trial GRAB 40% DISCOUNTED COPIES NOW FOR WAPPSEND SOFTWARE I will give 10 discount review copies to JUNIOR VIP , user must have at least 100 posts. Watch our demo videos here...
  11. H

    How to save contacts automaticlly?

    Hello, did anyone know how to save contacts from whatsapp chat automatically? because adding more than 5k contact is too hard manually.
  12. bluecoder

    Whatsapp Auto Reply + CPA Conversation [HELP]

    Hi, I have a whatsapp auto reply bot which i can work and customize with some chat bot api, now the question is how or what are the hints or ideas you guys suggest me to got for a right adult/dating CPA conversions. And I read @Kratos168 method but still expecting some good hints or ideas for...
  13. B

    Any way to find whatsapp groups?

    Hey community . As the title says i want to find whatsapp groups that are in specific niche. For ex : beauty or deals. I have used google to find groups and there pop some of the re-sellers as well. But the biggest problem is repetitive group links. So , is there any way to find groups in...
  14. AleksRempleng

    My first thread. Purpose 500$ per day using whatsapp, Telegram

    Hi friend. I have been following the participants of the BHW not so long ago. But I have already managed to find a lot of useful material, meet new people and get a few warnings from admins because of inattentive study of the rules. But the more you study the forum, the more you understand that...
  15. The Curator

    WhatsApp puts limit on message forwarding to fight fake news

    https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2019/jan/21/whatsapp-limits-message-forwarding-fight-fake-news?CMP=edit_2221 "WhatsApp users will be blocked from forwarding messages to more than five individuals or groups under new rules the messaging service is rolling out worldwide to fight the spread...
  16. bluecoder

    WhiteLabel Partners - Whatsapp Marketing Software

    Hi, We are looking for a White Label Partners for our Whatsapp Marketing Software. https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/whatsapp-auto-bulk-messenger-whatsapp-automation-tool-whatsapp-marketing-software-60-offer.1074783/ What we provide : ------------------------ Customize with your own Brand /...
  17. fiastirific

    Whatsapp message scheduler?

    hello world, I’m looking for a bot/app/website that would allow me to schedule whatsapp messages in advance. Kind of like how you can set up an auto newsletter sequence over 3 months. Is that available? Thanks in advance.
  18. Dmitry Belanskiy

    Messenger Bot You Know

    Hello,guys.. I am trying to find a messenger bot, for such messengers as whats aapp, viiber or sskype I need exactly the tool which would be acting like a real person,writing to someone..So, I don`t need a bot creator - I need a software which would create a real whats Aapp (vviber or sskype)...
  19. blackhatbeavis

    Anyone WhatsApp Marketing 2019?

    Hi all. I have an offer that Id like to get to the masses (location unimportant) using WhatsApp. I've check here and it doesn't seem to be very common channel even though open rates are over 70%. I understand there are some strict restrictions on what you can push but also read that there...
  20. J

    WhatsApp Messenger Broadcast Marketing

    Hey Guys can you please recommend me a tool for broadcast. It is important to me that the customers (who have not saved my number) also receive my messages and that I can use all functions of WebwhatsApp ( Voice messaging ). I thank you for your help!