1. Y

    How to promote new Telegram Channel for Vapes Wholesale?

    Hello, I wanna promote my new Telegram Channel where I offer Wholesale disposable cannabis cbd and hhc vapes and cartridges. I dont know how to get subscribers and people to order through my telegram channel. Please help. I am willing to spend also money on promoting it.
  2. Tony Fiasco

    WTP / HAF Searching for an Experienced Instagram DM Service for Performance Marketing (Weed/Cannabis Niche)

    Hello to everyone, My name is Tony and I am working with the owner of a licensed grower and seller of medical weed based in Los Angeles, California. We are currently searching for a highly skilled and experienced individual to assist us with performance marketing. The primary focus for you...
  3. S

    What is peace and war?!

    The purpose of all wars, is peace? What you guys think about it?!
  4. Nihilism

    Anyone got experience with private label weed?

    I'm looking into this as my local hustle, since it's legal here and I already have contacts in the industry. The idea is simple, buy product, re-package it with my brand, sell to dispensaries and delivery services. Has anyone done this before?
  5. N

    Question about Insta Cannabis accounts

    I have several cannabis related Instagram accounts that seem to get warnings regulatory for posting pictures of marijuana. Problem is, I follow several other local accounts that post the very same thing and even openly advertises, and they don't seem to ever have their content deleted. I believe...
  6. kretchi

    Have you ever had psychedelic dreams after you stopped using weed?

    I remember I had been smoking weed every day for several years and after watch a episode on JRE about crazy vivid dreams after stop smoking weed I got curious about it so I decided to go for a week without smoking to see what would happen. Guys, I had the craziest, most realistic dreams of my...
  7. RUSH420

    Anyone want to talk CANNABIS MARKETING?

    High Everyone! I am a cannabis marketer with a few of my own sites plus I do work for other cannabis clients. Mostly graphics and video but I am getting more and more into SEO, PPC, Content, etc. If there is anyone else who wants to communicate and exchange ideas on how we can promote cannabis...
  8. Vybra

    Balance is Key

    Finally achieved 420 likes Please no more likes on any of my posts Thanks :) On a side note: I am starting my own CBD Company in my home country where medicinal weed is legal now If anyone has some good info about CBD and all that, send it over. Need to consume as much information...
  9. J

    If you had 75k Instagram followers in a weed niche, how would you monetize it.

    Say you had an Instagram account with 75k followers in a weed niche with over 20% engagement rate. Say the name of the account was marketable and could become a brand. IE “Kush Kings”. How would you try to monetize it? Would making an affiliate site be the way to go? Could it be better to make...
  10. Icey Dan

    Monetizing Stoner Traffic

    I have a Facebook page with 67k highly engaged mostly American followers, and I am going to set up a monetized quiz site and drive traffic from my page. My issue is I can't use Adsense since my page and website is in the weed and stoner niche. What other CPM networks would I be able to work...
  11. M

    smokeshop distributor in South America, noobie in all this on-line thing

    Currently I'm distributing a couple of products to smokeshops in Chile, I wholesale to stores and they resell brick and mortar. I want to start selling online and start focusing my free time into that. One of the things I am having trouble with is Facebook Pixel, is it possible to bypass their...
  12. angus007

    Who can do press release for cannabis?

    Anyone who are able to do press release for cannabis?
  13. ReliableSEOGuy

    Happy 420, guys!

    The only reason why I didn't post a msg the last days :p:rolleyes: And I had this question in mind: Why do/don't you smoke weed? I personally try to get away from it (not like I'm addicted), because I think it effects your mind and brain, but it's the only excuse/reason I'm at least sometimes...
  14. B

    Cannabis Audience

    Hey All, I'm looking for audiences in the cannabis niche to market my ecommerce website to. Does anyone have any blogs or SM with large followings that would like to work something out? Please PM me if you have email or social audiences in the cannabis/weed/marijuana niche and I would be...
  15. R

    Weed in Salou

    Im staying in La Pineda, Salou rn and was wondering where I can get some high quality bud. I see African street vendors everywhere selling fake sunglasses, watches, gerseys, etc and was wondering if I asked them would they sell. Is there any specific line u say in spain to get bud?
  16. badwhitewolf1

    Smoking Weed

    Hey, I've heard that some people may achieve emotional state like a strong depression and start to cry alot after smoking weed. The question is, if they smoke another time, like few days later or something, will they have the same emotional state or is it possible for them to get more like...
  17. Whateverest

    [HOT] CBD Oil Is Now LEGAL & SELLS Like Crazy. Don't Miss Your Chance!

    Payment terms - The 1st business day of the month (for previous month earnings) Frequently asked questions (FAQ) - https://verifiedcbd.com/faq/ For any additional questions contact us at - [email protected] Become an affiliate of VerifiedCBD NOW - https://verifiedcbd.com/partnership/
  18. back2form

    Is Smoking Weed Good or Bad ?

    " Weed is Not A DRUG! "
  19. LandraceAgency

    Hello BlackHat World!

    My name is Willie Green. My entrance to social media was made due to the fact that I realized while building presences on various cannabis forums, that the real movers and shakers in cannabis wanted nothing to do with social media at the time, so I thought I'd jump to bridge the gap. My goal...
  20. MasterofMoney17

    can someone create a marijuana niche email list?

    I need someone that can create an email list involving women and the marijuana niche. PM me if you can do this or know someone that can. Price of your work can be negotiated. Also I'm looking for a telegram group or a group in general that consist those involved in the marijuana niche on...
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