1. G

    Has Anyone Made Money Operating a TurnKey Websites?

    As the title says "Has Anyone Made Money Operating a TurnKey Websites?" I'm looking into this right now becuase I cannot be bothered to spend my time building my own website, this is not my forte. I am good at marketing, I just need a product and a TurnKey website may provide me just that...
  2. kytro360

    How Can I Bring In Some Traffic To My Gaming Website?

    I used to average 400 views a day on my gaming site but that was with me posting twice or more a day. Lately I have been busy and try to post at least once a day. The traffic has been getting low, like at the 30-40's. How can I get a free continuous traffic that doesnt revolve around my...
  3. M

    [GUIDE] How to Rip a Website in 1 Minute

    Hey BHW, This is my first share and wanted to give back to the community that has helped me out so much. Today, I saw a member asking how to rip a website and I decided to help him out. I realized there are probably other members in the community that don't know how to do this either. So I...
  4. D

    Need 3-5 simple Websites with basic SEO for each site.

    I need someone who can create 3-5 simple websites and can do basic SEO for each site. These websites will be optimized for certain keywords to match the sites domain name which I already own the domains for. Below is an exmaple of what I'm looking for Notice that the links on the upper left...
  5. alexandervich

    [Free] Adult Links - (4) Spots Left

    *****! Sorry if this counts as a service, I just want to quickly fill up 4 spots of adult links on my aged domains!***** <Delete if this is not allowed> Anyways - I have lots of pre-owned domains with high page rank (most higher then PR 3) and got links going into them so they are not faked...
  6. xbox360gurl70s

    Make a mini Site in 10 minutes FLAT - EASIER than WP, Easier than anything Else out there

    You wanna know our secret??? We have 600 Blogger blogs for the past 6 years since 2004 But in the past 2 months we have around 200 sites made using this simple CMS and free open source beautiful software that gets installed in a PHP server. Enjoy my share guys...
  7. J

    Any Software for Managing Multiple Websites?

    Hey guys and gals, I am wondering if anyone knows of any software specifically designed for managing multiple websites, at least a hundred different domains? Basically, I tend to forget all of the domains that I currently own and have to look them up regularly. As far as features, ahhh...
  8. J

    I need website builders

    how much would it cost to copy/paste info from this website www.equitiesfirst dot com into a pre fab template from hostgator ? (i have the template) all text body and pics are provided, just put the pieces together so i can upload to hostgator server. The new site does not have to look...
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