website rank drop

  1. B

    Website Ranking Drop

    My site's ranking is going down like a piece of stone within few days but some days ago It was growing like a hybrid tree. Is there any update or anything going on ? Did you notice anything Guys ? 24th & 25th sep I think google did something big . What's your opinion on this thread ?
  2. B

    Question About Website Ranking

    I have one website which is ranking in all over the country except in my targeted city. It is happened few days before. Did anyone know what happen to my website?
  3. john carry

    My keywords rank down in google search

    Hi BHW Member, I have 5000 back-links in my website and my keywords are not appearing in google search. what should i do?
  4. AffiliateKingAM

    Website Rank on Google.

    Hello, friend, I feel my website rank is going down day by day. Why? For that, I feel disappointed.
  5. J


    i do not know if this is the right place to create this thread, but i am feeling so bad as i am typing this,yesterday i changed address on google webmaster tools, from my old domain to the new one, as i have already 301ed the old domain to the new one.I wanted quicker crawling so i decided to...
  6. J

    prstrom leads to drop my ranking

    my website was ranking good in serp what only for specific keyword. but 3 week before i used prstorm on my website for gaining backlink and suddendly my ranking drop. google not even crawling my website now. because i have updated some change. my ranking was in top 10 for the primary keyword...
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