website hits

  1. blackdoll

    Need Traffic to Boost G. Analytics

    I have been looking for Traffic Services here in BHW and somehow most of them are not tracked by G. Analytics. I suppose I got tired looking and reading on every review/comments by buyers so I am now asking for anyone who who can recommend a seller/service. I am not using it with adsense. Not...
  2. T

    AddMeFast and Website Hits? Safe or not safe?

    I'm considering using the Website Hits option on AddMeFast; however, how safe is that option? I have Adsense of course, and don't want to lose my account. Is there a way to keep it safe (ie what settings/totalclicks/dailyclicks) ? So far, I've only been using it for FB likes/shares, etc...
  3. XScotX

    Twiends Alternative

    I searched and didn't see this posted anywhere. This is a Twiends alternative that uses Twitter Followers, Facebook Likes, YouTube Views and Website Hits. It's called TwittFame. [I can't post links on here yet]
  4. C

    Website Hit Generator {is this a good idea?}

    I have tukanas web hits generator and it seems to work with proxies and a get to randomize the referring site. Is this a good idea for SEO? I have Scrape box and i blast a couple hundered comments a day to high page rank sites, but i feel like i need to do more. What do you think? Or! what if i...