1. MrT131

    How to post articles without getting Copyright problems

    Hey BHW, i've found a very good website that has great content for my new Clickbait Entertainment Blog. The articles on the website are like "I can't BELIEVE that THIS is real..." (really clickbaity) Now i'm not shure how i should rewrite the articles without copyright problems. I know there...
  2. Acriey

    Selling a website

    Hello, Lets say hypothetically a friend of mine has a website which is making money. The website is doing pretty good (for a 3 months old) getting traffic from search engines. The problem is this website is not really legal (adult videos, with no copyrights). The website is making 15$/day from...
  3. T

    responsive form registration/signup/login web

    i need a project make a simple website using php and mysql like login/signup or registration form, does anyone here interested?
  4. cycoshas

    Buy High DA or TF Domain

    want to buy a high DA or High TF domain. After buying i want to forward it to my main site to lift the benefits of its pointing previous backlink. How I can manage to keep the DA after I own the Domain and where to find it. Is this method is Useless now ??? Will Google Take it as fresh domain...
  5. W

    [Coming Soon] AutoConfirm by Websicosys

    In the next 2-3 days, I'm planning on releasing a new service called AutoConfirm under my Internet Marketing Software company called Websicosys. I'm looking for about 3-4 people to beta test the service. Basically, AutoConfirm provides you with several hundred (upto 2000) different unique...
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