1. D

    My Home domain is vanished from the google

    hello guys.. 3 days ago. my home page vanished from google after some time it came back. but again it's gone to date.. even when I search my website with an extension the website is not showing .. but when I do with site:domain.com then it's visible... when could be the reason? and how can I...
  2. Kadha

    [ADULT TUBE] Journey to 200K visits per month

    Hello BHW! After some inspiration from @wirestyle journey, I decided to create my own journey! Around 2 years ago I started "selling" Leaked Onlyfans content and made quite some money for a teenager. I decided to re-invest the money into an Adult Tube around September of last year. But I only...
  3. rockj7238

    My journey in the steps of Wirestyle

    Hello all, This will be a thread where I update my journey venturing into adult tube sites. Please bear in mind I am a new user on this forum, go easy on me :) Background: Over the course of the past year I have been building an OF marketing and management agency. The OF business has been my...
  4. d11

    Are Porn Password websites still alive and profitable?

    Are Porn Password websites still alive and profitable?
  5. H

    Create a asian based pornsite similar to Missav.com or JAV.guru

    Hey guys, i am a newbie trying to build a jav porn site, sorry for the bad english grammar :) Recently i've been surfing japanese porn in missav.com and jav.guru. I am surprise that 2 of this website managed to survive from DMCA take down in the Google search ranks, whenever i search for the...
  6. amfost

    Question for WEBMASTERS

    Hello forum! As some of you might know (or not..) , I have just started my first dropshipping store (you can see the journey here). I am struggling to get some intersted people to buy my products since the shop is running for only 2-3 days. The question is: Do you know how or where i can get in...
  7. RyuLion

    Hi, I haven't posted in a long time!

    I've been a WebMaster for Adult since 2000 but have been a tech since out of High School back in 95'. I will be posting more often, have a great weekend!
  8. E


    Hi i am looking for someone who can do some of the following tasks, you must also have paid membership to ahrefs, and also be available to work on gmt time zone and communicate via whatsapp app Forum posting Fourm profiles register to web 2.0 site Article submission citation listings Blog...
  9. Cespecti

    ➡️Pushtorm.net⬅️✅Service for gathering your own base of push-subscribers| ✅Additional monetization of your traffic| ✅Fre...

    Pushtorm.net is a push notification service that allows you to both collect your own base of subscribers and send them an unlimited number of notifications. Created with affiliate marketers in mind, the service helps you send push notification signup requests to all users who visit your landing...
  10. E

    For websites owners with gif/photo/video content

    Hello everyone! Are there any site owners with GIF/photo/video compilation content here? There is a great opportunity to introduce a cool option to your websites. It's like a Video Shazam where users will find the source content from short videos/gifs/pics/scenes, etc.
  11. E

    Find source video service. Need a webmaster

    Hi everyone! I have a service in development to find full (source) video. The idea is that people try to find a source video from some movie clip, gif, screenshots, compilations, and many other things that will instantly interest the user. Now I want to know how many people will be interested...
  12. Alexbor

    Current state of affairs in the adult / mainstream, gray vertical.

    Good day! I would like to hear your opinion on the current state of affairs in the adult / mainstream, gray vertical. For example: - Something from personal experience - Where/how do you look for advertisers and new offers - What media resources, instant messengers, groups, etc. use Actually...
  13. E

    Full video from adult compilations

    Hello everyone! Are adult webmasters here? I wanna ask you how is going with adult compilations on your sites / subreddits / gif sites, etc.? I wonder if users like to watch it on your sites and how many people are trying to find the full (original) video from compilations? Is it problem for...
  14. M

    Journey to making a Porn site [Adult Tube]

    Hello everyone, I wanted to start this journey to document the process I have in mind for building a tube site, so far what I have done: -Site's true launch was at the begging of October of this year so it's just a few days old but the domain name was brought in may. -Brought domain name and...
  15. Korshoi

    Journey to 30k visits per Day [Adult Tube]

    Hello BHW Members im here since 2020 you see now i'm new member because i create new account my original account have my real name so will start this Journey with hello guys :) My first idea to start my adult website in 2020 im start 2 websites with auto embed with wp script and some plugins...
  16. Dolphin Team

    ✅ Demanded professions of our time. What to choose? ✅

    Hi guys! :cool: Let's talk) I am sure that many of you are professionals in your field, namely webmasters, designers, developers, marketers, -smm specialists, and so on. So, what do you think are the most demanded professions in 2022? Who is paid the most for their services, and what...
  17. kuldeepsingh689

    Webmaster Coverage Issue Not found (404)

    My website has much Coverage Not found (404) Issue, I removed tags from my website, it's main reason for many Not found issue. Should I submit tag's 404 error to webmaster, temporary removal? Thanks
  18. Carol Andrei

    How to get some traffic? (porn)

    I just finished a site, written in Next.js, i dont have my own videos, I used the API from eporner, im not new to being a webmaster for porn sites, but i never really had a big success, if you could give me some ideas on the hell do i get traffic on a new porn site i would be grateful, i only...
  19. D

    Have you worked with AdReact?

    Hey guys , Looking for payments in Bitcoin I came to the adreact.com website through an article about what they pay with Bitcoin, I was approved with them to work with advertising with Toobola, on Trustpilot I see 4 good reviews of them but I like to know if anyone in the group has any...
  20. Dolphin Team

    ⚡How to earn more while working less?

    A webmaster in 2021 is a kind of jack of all trades who is trying to keep everything under control in order not to miss anything and finally identify a profitable bundle. Though there’s still plenty of reason to somehow shorten this routine, which is why today’s article contains info about an...
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