1. ClintN

    On-demand Webinar Platform(s)

    Not sure where I should have posted this sorry. I want to give the On Demand Webinar strategy a go, but not sure what is both a good and cost-effective platform to use for the on-demand webinar. Could any of the players in this space please give me your tips/recommendations? Many thanks in...
  2. H

    Need Your Opinion About Webinar Software Features

    Hey guys! We are slowly developing a webinar software and to make sure this is something that people will use, I have a quick question: What's something that other webinar tools aren't getting right or lacking at the moment?
  3. TheBizCat

    Just Finished Writing My First Sales Webinar

    Today I just finished writing my first sales webinar. I'm pretty scared it not going to work (lmao). I even took the time to rewatch Alex Becker's HeroNAR program (Webinar sales course) alongside Re-Reading Russell Brunson's Expert Secrets book. Next, I've gotta just record the presentation...
  4. slickbrick

    *Video Professionals* Any Suggestion for My New Webinar/Youtube Setup?

    Hey awesome video creators! Could you do me a favor? I need a little upgrade to my setup. I wan't to make more pro videos, without spending too much. I especially want to upgrade my camera and my lighting. My use is going to be mainly recording of my webinar and value videos for my new...
  5. The Curator

    What's the lowest cost per webinar sign-up for Facebook?

    Anyone have any idea/method/strategies on how to get webinar sign-ups for less than $5 apiece? No warm traffic sources like a list of clients or prospects exist for this campaign (that woulda been helpful). Cold FB ad traffic has a high conversion cost - I was thinking of doing an engagement...
  6. nanohits

    HQ Webinar App Version 2 - Run Any Type of Webinars - Lifetime Access!

    Watch This Demo Video To See It In Action HQWebinar OTO HQWebinar Personal License Comes with features above. Personal plan allows up to 50 Webinars/Month & 5000 Attendees HQWebinar Commercial License Custom Domain Mapping Unlimited Webinars/Month & Unlimited Attendees Poll and Survey...
  7. ShiningWarrior

    How do I record a live webinar and save to PC?

    Hey, I am about to attend one hour webinar and I want to record the video and save to my pc. Which software would let me do that?
  8. jaysamuel

    Got a EverWebinar Account? Make $100 Per Month Passively!

    Hey! I just got into some high ticket item selling stuff, and I found EverWebinar was the best way to sell it. If you have a account and are interested in letting me use it for my new business, let me know. You be getting $100 per month + 10% commission of all $997 sales. Willing to pay the...
  9. jaysamuel

    Best Evergreen Webinar Platform?

    Share your opinions down below. I'm a bit distraught!
  10. zohaib1013

    EverWebinar Relay video on YouTube & Facebook

    EverWebinarJam is the tool to about rely on your recorded video into facebook live and youtube live, without of facing going live issue. I have the subscription of EverWebinar, if you want to rely your webinar on YouTube and Facebook, I can set up this for you and get just answer live queries...
  11. D

    Traffic Arbitrage *FREE* Webinar - $700 to $100k Business

    My Traffic Arbitrage thread has brought a lot of attention among users on the forum as well as outside of it as it got to the first page of Google for that term. I have written an eBook about Traffic Arbitrage to put main steps you need to take in order to start this business, but I still do...
  12. cdn_craigs

    Check out this Pay Per Call Webinar I did with RingPartner

    hi guys I did this great webinar with RingPartner where I share some Tricks and Tips on how to be successful with Pay Per Call affiliate marketing. Something went corrupt with the video apparently - so they just uploaded the audio - still educational though...
  13. J

    Did anyone else attend the CB webinar?

    I joined the Clickbank webinar earlier tonight. There was a lot of useful information that they showed us. Especially on how to partner up with youtube accounts. Then they rolled out a preview for the Clickbank Academy...It looks awesome for what it features but I am not sure it's worth $1000 to...
  14. S

    Seo webinar q & a

    You ask and I tell! This is the 5th webinar that we have done in the past month and they always have a huge success, ask your marketing, seo and affiliate questions and we give you truth no B.S. answers to them for Free. Register for Webinar that will be hosted on March 7th at 9am MST (Arizona...
  15. B

    [Help] Need help recording webinars

    I was wondering if anybody knows of a way to automate the recording process of webinars? I keep on missing webinars because I can't be in 2 places at the same time. Is there any software that can help to set up a recording session?
  16. 4

    Black Hat Secrets Webinar Tonight!

    Hey everyone, I know I said I'd give more notice next time but hey, technically I am. There will be another free webinar tonight, Monday October 15th at 5:15pm PDT... 12 hours from now. Space is filling up quick and the last one was great... we've had a lot of positive feedback including...
  17. A

    Any interest in: Schedule Future Webinar Recordings?

    Does anyone know of a service that will record webinars for you when you can't attend? If not I may actually launch a service like this because I miss so many webinars I want to catch and I've played with doing this myself and it's not as easy as it might sound. If you would value the ability...
  18. J

    Webinar Generator Plugin for Wordpress

    What do you guys think about this webinar generator plugin for wordpress? Would it be worth the investment? If you haven't seen it: http://www.indiegogo.com/pressinar
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