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  1. L

    Free web page, Landing page design

    Hello! I am a new in web design , i have 5 month experiece in HTML, HTML5,CSS, CSS3 ,JS and frameworks like Bootstrap and Reactjs. I will design any web page you want for free. in order to increase my experience and to be more skilled. Thank you.
  2. T

    How long should a web page be?

    Well, that's a bit like asking "how much does a car cost"? The answer is, it depends. Here's the lowdown: The more expensive, risky, or anxiety-provoking an offer is, the more information is needed for the website visitor to make an informed decision. For example, if I wan't to buy a new...
  3. Nia Jax

    Web page is not Index on Google

    It's been over 4 weeks when I created and publish my website's About Us page but still, My website's About Us is not INDEX on Google I'm worried why it's taking so long time to get index my website's page.
  4. SweetJesus

    Web Page Scripts Collection

    I am selling copies of my webpage scripts collection. I'm looking to get 40 for a copy of the collection. That puts it at 7 scripts per dollar. Reasonable if you ask me. PM me if you are interested. Thanks for your time, Sweet Jesus File List: 2checkout.zip 8ball.zip 401 IP...
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